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Amy Rose Hurst-William Hurst: Afghan blanket murder case timeline

Amy Hurst: Missing person's case solved
Pasco County Sheriff: Police file poto

The Tampa Tribune is reporting today that CBS' crime show '48 Hours' will air the cold case disappearance of Amy Hurst and Wendy Huggy. The two women disappeared in Florida in 1982. One woman's case remains unsolved.

'48 Hours' will air the murder case Saturday at 10 p.m.

Case Summary

Amy Hurst aka Amy Rose Hurst is a Pasco County woman who went missing from her Florida home in 1982. At the time of her disappearance, she was living with her husband William Hurst in her New Port Richey home with her two children.

Amy Hurst's disappearance remained unsolved for 30 years, until an afghan blanket broke the case wide open in 2011. A new autopsy confirmed that the woman died from a blow to the head. Her husband was convicted of her murder in 2013. Amy Hurst left behind two small children, according to the Tampa Bay Times.



Sunday, August 15

29-year-old Amy Rose Hurst is missing. The family files a missing person's report after Amy Hurst fails to call her mother on her birthday.

Police question Amy's husband William Hurst. He tells police that his wife left him.

The initial police investigation reveals no clues and no body.

The case goes cold.



A woman's body is found floating in the waters off of Florida's Gulf of Mexico on Anna Maria Island. The woman's body is wrapped in an afghan blanket with a rope wrapped around the waist. The rope had been connected to a cement block.

The body is buried in a pauper's grave. No one makes the connection to the Amy Hurst missing person's case.



Police, hoping to solve the disappearance of Wendy Huggy, exhume the body of the unidentified female who was found floating close to Anna Maria Island in 1982.

The body is not a match to Wendy Huggy. The unidentified body baffles detectives. An examination of the body reveals that the woman was around 30 years old when she died.

Both cases are still unsolved.



Amy Hurst's children are now adults. They are still wondering what happened to their mother. Jeff Earley, 39, wants to investigate the case himself. His wife helps him by conducting internet searches. That's when she finds the Doe Network site, according to Chat Magazine.

The case of the unidentified dead body that was found in Anna Maria Island grabs her attention. The woman is wrapped in an Afghan blanket that looks similar to a blanket Jeff Earley's grandmother made years prior.

After speaking with family members, Jeff realizes the blanket is a match.

Police exhume the body of the unidentified woman and take DNA samples.

It takes two years for the DNA results to come back.


The DNA results are a match to Jeff Earley. The body belong to his mother Amy Rose Hurst.


Police arrest William G. Hurst, 59, in connection with his wife's death. Hurst is arrested at his Dawson Springs home in Kentucky. He is booked into the Hopkins County Jail.

September 24

William Hurst is extradited to Florida to face charges.



William Hurst goes to trial. He is found guilty and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his wife.

Today's Update: 2014

Wendy Huggy's body has not been found. Her case is still classified as a missing person's case.

Amy Hurst: Missing person's case solved
Amy Hurst: Missing person's case solved Pasco County Sheriff: Police file poto

Amy Hurst: Missing person's case solved

Here is a photo of Amy Rose Hurst aka Amy Hurst. She was last seen alive in 1982. Her mother became suspicious when she didn't hear from her daughter on her birthday. The case wouldn't be solved for three decades.

William Gary Hurst
William Gary Hurst police file photo

William Gary Hurst

Here is a mug shot of William G. Hurst. He was living with his new family in Dawson Springs, thinking he had gotten away with murder. A tenacious detective and a son who wouldn't give up brought this man to justice.

Son Jeff Earley solved mother's case
Son Jeff Earley solved mother's case Police file photo: '48 Hours'

Son Jeff Earley solved mother's case

This is a photo of the afghan blanket that Amy Hurst's grown son's wife recognized on the Doe Network. When they compared the photo to the blanket of a relative, they knew they had solved the case.

Wendy Huggy-missing disappeared
Wendy Huggy-missing disappeared Pinellas County Sheriff: police file photo

Wendy Huggy-missing disappeared

Here is an image of Wendy Huggy. She disappeared in February 1982. Police detectives were certain that the woman's body that was buried in the pauper's grave would be identified as Wendy Huggy. The body was later identified as Amy Hurst. Wendy Huggy is still missing.

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