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Amy Bruni claims that McDonald's is releasing Ouija Board Happy Meals

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Former "Ghost Hunters" cast member Amy Bruni created a panic this week when she announced on her Facebook page that a popular fast-food chain was putting Ouija boards in their kid's meals for Halloween. According to a Facebook post from Tuesday, she said that she was excited about the new kid's meals, Snopes reported yesterday.

Amy Bruni claimed that McDonald's was going to have Ouija boards in their Halloween edition Happy Meals instead of the standard trick-or-treat bucket. Fans of Bruni were horrified that McDonald's would put a Ouija board in a kid's meal. Although Ouija boards can be purchased at toy stores, many parents believe that the game is inappropriate for young children.

"SO excited for McDonalds' Halloween Happy Meal this year!!!" Bruni said in a post on her Facebook page on August 26.

Bruni eventually went to her social media pages and explained that she was just joking about Ouija boards being in McDonald's Happy Meals.

"Lesson learned. Do not joke on Facebook that McDonald's is releasing a Ouija Board Happy Meal," Bruni said in a Twitter post on Tuesday.

"Ummm, hey...guys? Hey? Hi. This is a JOKE. Sarcasm. Satire. Hence the winky face...and the clear ridiculousness of there being a ouija board Happy Meal. And even crazier than that, that I would ever eat at McDonalds. Ok, all done? Phew. Goodnight!" Bruni said on her Facebook page.

Bruni announced to her fans in the first half of season nine of "Ghost Hunters' that she won't be returning for the show's tenth season. She will be on the remaining episodes of season nine which air in October, including the 200th episode of the series. Former cast member Grant Wilson also returns for the anniversary episode.

"Ghost Hunters" is the longest running series on the Syfy Channel. The Syfy Channel's "Ghost Hunters" mid-season premiere airs on Wednesday, October 8, at 9 pm.

Update: Amy Bruni receives death threats over Ouija Board Happy Meal joke

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Ouija Board Happy Meal
Ouija Board Happy Meal Photo courtesy of Facebook via Amy Bruni

Ouija Board Happy Meal

Amy Bruni posted on Facebook that McDonald's is releasing a Ouija Board Happy Meal for Halloween. 

"SO excited for McDonald's' Halloween Happy Meal this year!!!" Bruni said.

Amy Bruni said that she was only joking

Bruni claimed that she was only joking about the Ouija Board Happy Meals.

Report from Snopes points finger at Amy Bruni for rumor

Snopes reported that Bruni started the rumor about the Ouija Board Happy Meals