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Alternatives to those lingering landlines

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Believe it or not, there are still landlines in our midst. Do you have one, or know someone who has, because of a poor cell signal at home, to name one reason? In that case, mentioning the issue to the carrier can in some situations produce a free signal booster. If need be, perhaps incurring the one-time cost of the booster would make more sense than the monthly landline charge. Basic units start on Amazon for just under $200. And that's just one example.

Below is a list of substitutes for those persistent reasons for a landline (phone/fax/DSL).

In lieu of the phone line
In lieu of the phone line -

In lieu of the phone line

● Free Internet phone service (VOIP) such as Google Voice

● Virtual assistant or secondary number that transfers to cell

● For businesses or others: add line(s) to existing mobile plan

● There are also a variety of adapters that allow landline phones to connect to and make calls from cellphones (via bluetooth or other means)

In lieu of the Internet line
In lieu of the Internet line -

In lieu of the Internet line

● Some cell carriers offer wireless broadband modems which have the additional benefit over DSL/cable modems of easy positioning anywhere in your home or office - you simply need A/C power

● Most cell carriers offer hotspot devices you can travel with

● Some cell carriers/plans/phones allow you to share your phone's Internet by connecting or "tethering" it to another device, such as a laptop, via the phone's wifi or by other means such as a USB cable

In lieu of the fax line
In lieu of the fax line -

In lieu of the fax line

● Obtain a fax number that sends a digital file of the sender's fax directly to your email box (e.g.; replace fax landline)

● Scan and send stuff via email

●Use PDFs!*

*You can save practically anything as a PDF and, similar to the old trusty fax, you can have more confidence its formatting will stay intact. As well, there are numerous ways to edit and even apply your signature to a PDF. Macs make using them exceptionally easy. PC users shouldn't be inhibited however.


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