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Alix Tichelman-Forrest Hayes: Past background, ex-boyfriend timeline

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Alix CatherineTichelman is under investigation for another heroin death case out of Georgia, according to CBS News. Police say Dean Riopelle died in Georgia last year, and Alix Tichelman was the last person to see him alive.

Alix Tichelman aka Alix Catherine is an American woman who was arrested for the heroin death of Forrest Timothy Hayes, a 51-year-old Google exec who died on his yacht in July 2014. Police accused Alix Catherine Tichelman of giving Forrest Timothy Hayes a deadly dose of heroin. The victim met the woman on a website where she advertised as a prostitute to high paying sugar daddies. Alix Tichelman's background shows that she is a former model, call girl, prostitute and exotic dancer with a penchant for tattoos and all things dark.

Alix Catherine's Facebook page describes her as a makeup artist and model. She also calls herself the baddest "b-."

Alix Catherine Tichelman is originally from Georgia but has lived in other places as well. Tichelman is also popular on Tumbler and Youtube, where she did makeup tutorials and showed off her exotic tattoos. Georgia authorities are now looking into the possiblity that Tichelman made have also had a hand in the death of her former boyfriend, according toThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Alix Catherine Tichelman background and timeline: In 2001, Alix Tichelman graduates from Hyde School in Maryland. In 2005, she graduated from Northview High School. In 2007, she starts a Facebook page. In 2010, Tichelman began working at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club. In 2010, she also works at started working at Condor as an exotic dancer. In July 2010, she leaves her job at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club.

June 6, 2010, Alix Tichelman's ex boyfriend 24year-old Warren Eugene Ullom of the Atlanta Judies band is convicted of manslaughter in the death of Rachel Inocencio in 2008, according to CL Atlanta. In October 2013, Alix Catherine Tichelman's boyfriend, 53-year-old Dean Riopelle, owner of Masquerade in Atlanta, died of a heart attack, resulting from a heroin overdose. It was Alix Tichelman who called 911 to report the death. Georgia police have now reopened the investigation into Dean Riopelle's death/

Alix Catherine Tichelman-Facebook
Alix Catherine Tichelman-Facebook Facebook

Alix Catherine Tichelman-Facebook

Alix Catherine Tichelman aka Alix Tichelman was a model, an escort, a prostitute and a former exotic dancer. She administered a fatal dose of heroin to Forrest Timothy Hayes, a married man with children. People are calling her the "the black widow" because she is also connected to two other deaths.

Forrest Timothy Hayes-video
Forrest Timothy Hayes-video Twitter

Forrest Timothy Hayes-video

Forrest Timothy Hayes' death was caught on video. The shocking video shows sexy prostitute Alix Tichelman leaving the scene, but not before she steps over his dead body and takes a big sip of wine from her wine glass.

Rachel Sans Inocencio- Rachel Inocencio death
Rachel Sans Inocencio- Rachel Inocencio death YouTube

Rachel Sans Inocencio- Rachel Inocencio death

Rachel Inocencio died in 2008 from a fatal dose of heroin. Alix Catherine Tichelman's ex boyfriend was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter for her death. Whenever Alix Tichelman is around...people die.

Dean Riopelle-Alix Tichelman
Dean Riopelle-Alix Tichelman YouTube

Dean Riopelle-Alix Tichelman

You guessed it. Alix Catherine Tichelman is connected to this man's death, too. She was also her boyfriend at the time of his death. Police say he died of a heart attack as a result of a fatal dose of heroin.