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Affordable Valentine's Day gifts for Horror Hounds

Enter the Interweb Shop of Horrors and find the right budget friendly gift for your favorite gore fiend!
Enter the Interweb Shop of Horrors and find the right budget friendly gift for your favorite gore fiend!
Zombie Doorstop is from with additional text by Sarah Marquis

If you and your significant other have chosen to watch a horror film for Valentine’s Day be it a zombie rom-com, a classic slasher flick, or even Eden Lake (you are sick and you’ve come to the right place! Hey, it’s about a romantic weekend… gone disturbingly awry.), you and your sweetest may be horror geeks or horror hounds, as you may prefer. Horror genre movies and books are a year round indulgence, not just an October phase. Your Valentine’s Day is for cuddling to creature features and gifting… oh, the horror! You don’t know what to get for your blood thirsty babboo. What do you get for your terror-loving treasure? Sure they’d love some sort of movie prop, autographed book or movie poster, or a creepy character bust, but what if you go bust to buy it? Your fright fanatic flame wouldn’t want that!

As previously mentioned, you’ve come to the right place! The following list contains Valentine’s Day gift ideas for those who fancy a scare, but not from their wallets. They are presented by gift type and listed as such: Eerie Edibles, Heinous Huggables, Wicked Wearables, and THE MISCELLANEOUS MOSH PIT OF DOOM.

Eerie Edibles
Eerie Edibles Shops featured in this section include:,, Think Geek, Vat 19 and Harcos Labs

Eerie Edibles

Heinous Hugables
Heinous Hugables Shops featured in this section include: Entertainment Earth,, Think Geek, Midtown Comics.

Heinous Hugables

Wicked Wearables
Wicked Wearables Shops featured in this section include: Think Geek,,,, and

Wicked Wearables

Here you will find horror laden décor for the whole body such as: shirts, dresses, hats, handbags, and jewelry. This section is double the size of the others because the vastness of the topic. Shops featured in this section include: Think Geek,,,, and

  1. Drop of Blood Ear Dagger
  2. Tentacle Ear Wrap
  3. Bloody Cleaver Handbag
  4. Anatomical Heart Necklace
  5. Elizabethan Gothic Ring
  6. Broken Heart Gothic Ring
  7. Vincent Price Cameo Necklace
  8. Zombie Unicorn Cameo Necklace
  9. Vintage Gothic Bat Cameo Necklace
  10. Trick 'r Treat Sam Handmade Crochet Beanie
  11. The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Team Daryl Beanie
  12. Monster Squad Wolfman's Got Nards Beanie
  13. Jaws Amity Island Beanie
  14. Alien Evolution Shirt
  15. American Psycho Corporation Downsizing Service Shirt
  16. Friday the 13th Ask Me Why I Love Fridays Flipover Shirt
  17. Halloween Haddonfield High Shirt
  18. The Shining Redrum Overlook Hotel Bar Shirt
  19. The Thing Outpost 31 Shirt
  20. True Blood Bon Temps Football Shirt
  21. Halloween Haddonfield High Shirt
  22. Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake Counselor Shirt
  23. Army of Darkness Shop Smart Shop S-mart Shirt
  24. Friday the 13th Summer 1980 Camp Crystal Lake Shirt
  25. So Slender T-Shirt
  26. Zombie Bro T-Shirt
  27. Undead Love T-Shirt
  28. Zombie Uprising T-Shirt
  29. Quoth the Necronomicon T-Shirt
  30. Burger Thing T-Shirt
  31. Normal Is Boring T-Shirt
  32. The Winchester Tavern T-Shirt
  33. A Puft Zilla Moment T-Shirt
  34. Jack of Torrance T-Shirt
  35. Groovy T-Shirt
  36. Tarot Death T-Shirt has several Tarot Shirts to choose from so check them all out here)
  37. Boomstick Double Stout T-Shirt
  38. I was Raised on the Street T-Shirt (Nightmare on Elm St.)
  39. I’m Loving IT T-Shirt
  40. Rule 32 Enjoy the Little Things T-Shirt (Zombieland)
  41. Womens Hello Zombie T-Shirt
  42. Bruce Campbells Soup T-Shirt
  43. Pinhead Rubik T-Shirt
  44. Bates Motel Family Owned and Family Friendly T-Shirt
  45. Overlook Hotel Souvenir T-shirt
  46. I Heart Brains T-Shirt
  47. Horror Dresses in that come spaghetti strap or off-the shoulder sleeve available for these movies and more (see for full list and place an order): Texas Chainsaw Massacre (seen as off shoulder), Jaws (seen as spaghetti strap), Army of Darkness (spaghetti strap), Driller Killer (spaghetti strap), etc
  48. Universal Monsters Collage Handbag
  49. Dracula Stairs handbag
  50. Bride Of Frankenstein - We Belong Dead handbag
THE MISCELLANEOUS MOSH PIT OF DOOM Entertainment Earth, Neato Shop, Vat 19,, Think Geek,,, and .


O the horror! This category is full of everything you fear for the one you hold dear! Shops featured in this section include: Entertainment Earth, Neato Shop, Vat 19,, Think Geek,,, and .

  1. Aliens Alien Xenomorph Head Metal Bottle Opener
  2. Zombie Outbreak Hunting Unit Car Decal
  3. Zombie Be the Character Snuggler Blanket
  4. Zombie Arm Previews Exclusive Bottle Opener
  5. Christine Movie 1958 Plymouth Belvedere 1:25 Scale Model Kit
  6. House of 1000 Corpses Capt. Spaulding Bobble Head
  7. Anatomical Heart Pencil Holder
  8. Crawling Zombie Doorstop
  9. Horror Parody Posters (by Matt Busch) are available from Neato Shop (see full list here): such as Lord of the Rank: The Festering of the Rotten, Indiana Bones 4, Zombie Wars - A New Epidemic, Scary Rotter, Alice From Underland, Beauty and the Feast, etc.
  10. Skeleton Key Bottle Opener Keychain
  11. Horror Movie Keytags – come in Camp Crystal Lake, Bates Motel, Overlook Hotel, Cuesta Verde (Poltergeist), Amity Surf Inn (Jaws), Motel Hell, and Hostel (and quite possibly the most unique and cheapest items on this entire list)
  12. Zombie Apocalypse Garden Gnomes
  13. Blazing Skull Bicycle Tail Light With Laser Cannon Lane Markers
  14. Skullhub USB
  15. ZD-101 Apocalypse Machete
  16. Bleeding Skull Candle
  17. Blood Bath Shower Gel
  18. Hot Mess Kitchen Gadgets Cutting Board or Spoon Rest
  19. Zombie Glass Decanter
  20. Ceramic Zombie Mugs His and Hers both available
  21. Tiki Cthulhu Mug
  22. Winchester Tavern Pint Glass
  23. Army Of Darkness Ash Pop Vinyl Figure ( has a great selection of figures including many of the Pop Vinyl Horror figures, but you can see all that is currently available in the Funko catalog PDF seen here and they are all over the internet)
  24. Overlook Hotel Pint Glass looks great coupled with the Overlook Hotel Ashtray
  25. Zombie Back Scratcher Back
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