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Affordable semi-private lessons of floral arranging work very well

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If you are interested in flower arrangement and plan to take lessons in the near future, following information MAY sound very interesting to you. No matter for what kind of purpose you learn floral designs, hobby or business, in order to become a floral artist it is necessary to earn a decent flower arranging skills.

Frankly speaking earning such skills is not an easy job. The way for earning skill is different from the way for earning knowledge. Suppose you would like to become knowledgeable about history, you can learn by way of reading books or joining a lecture that can be a mass class having lots of students per class. It COULD be possible to earn such knowledge even from Internet Distant Learning System.

When it comes to earning skills, the story is different. No matter what kind of skill you want to earn, taking lessons that are done with a very small group class is ideal. The most ideal way is to take a private lesson from an instructor. However it is so expensive to take a private lesson. Therefore one of very practical compromised ways is taking a semi-private lesson that is done with very limited number of students.

Take floral arranging for instance, it is quite difficult to earn a decent skill by way of attending mass class that allows so many students to join. Obviously there is only one instructor who teaches at a large scale class. That is why an instructor has no choice but to offering a one-way lecture (not by way of interactive communication between an instructor and students). It is next to impossible for only one instructor to take care of lots of students for training and teaching how to make floral arrangements.

As seen from above, it MAY be a good idea to depend on semi-private lesson that is done by limiting number of students. This way makes it possible for an instructor to implement hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions. Then how many students could be the maximum limit in order for a floral design instructor to take a good care of each student for a semi private lesson ?

Of course, the smaller the better. It COULD be 5 to 6 students per class. Once it exceeds 6 students per class, most of instructors USUALLY have difficulties for implementing semi-private instructions.

Strictly speaking it depends on the type of floral designs they learn and how difficult such designs are. Another factor is to what kind of extent students are familiar with flower arranging. If most students are novice class, instructors (or schools) should limit number of students to NO MORE THAN 6 per class without any doubt. Ideally they should limit to 4-5 students per class.

California Flower Art Academy has been teaching a variety of floral designs since 1990 in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley as a floral school certified by Flower Decorators Association (Tokyo Japan). If you would like to learn floral designs by way of hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions, why not join California Flower Art Academy where you can start from Introductory Program for less than $100. For more information, feel free to contact

Ikebana using Kenzan and Suiban
Ikebana using Kenzan and Suiban California Flower Art Academy

Ikebana using Kenzan and Suiban

Ikebana arrangement is often done using Kenzan (frog: needlepoint holder to hold flowers) and Suiban (shallow type container). Both of these items can be found in the photo. Although Ikebana arrangement can be seldom used for doing floral business in the United States, there are lots of fans who would like to learn this Japanese traditional floral art.

Cute centerpiece decoration
Cute centerpiece decoration California Flower Art Academy

Cute centerpiece decoration

Cute centerpiece decoration that can be displayed on the cocktail table for interior decoration.

You can display this type of table arrangement on the console table in the foyer of your home.

Although many types of table arrangements or centerpiece decorations are not so difficult to make, you have lots of places and occasions where you can display it.

Bridal bouquet
Bridal bouquet California Flower Art Academy

Bridal bouquet

Bouquet is one of mandatory items for weddings. This can enhance the beauty of bride. Bouquet can be used not only at weddings but also at various occasions such as birthday and Mother's Day gift etc. etc. Making bouquets require longer time (typically about two hours to complete) than ordinary floral arrangement. Students at California Flower Art Academy enjoy learning how to make bouquets by joining Bouquet Making Course.

Ikebana Art
Ikebana Art California Flower Art Academy

Ikebana Art

This is Ikebana arrangement used as a centerpiece decoration.The beauty of graceful linear curve looks great. In the case of Ikebana, arrangements often feature linear curve as shown in the picture.

Funeral Wreath
Funeral Wreath Californai Flower Art Academy

Funeral Wreath

This is a typical example of Funeral Wreath that was actually designed and made during a lesson at California Flower Art Academy. Students who belong to Funeral Floral Decoration Course can learn how to make this type of wreath. Once they master how to make it, they can use the same skill for making another type of wreath that can be used for wedding as well.