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Adam Frasch-Samira Frasch: Timeline model-wife dead in pool

Model Samira Frasch
Model Samira Frasch

Adam Frasch-Samira Frasch pool death case: WCTV News is reporting today that a Georgia doctor has been arrested on two counts of interfering with child custody. Police are also questioning Dr. Adam Frasch about the murder of his wife Samira Frasch, who was found dead in her swimming pool in her Tallahassee home on Saturday.

Adam Frasch-Samira Frasch case backround

Adam Frasch, a podiatrist and Samira Frasch, an African-French model from Madagascar, were once a couple in love after meeting in Paris. The relationship began to sour and eventually divorce proceedings began. Sources say the couple was involved in a violent, bitter divorce battle that ended in death, according to



  • Adam Frasch meets African-French model Samira in Paris. Samira is a model walking the runway for the Ford Agency. The two immediately take to one another and engage in a heated, passionate relationship.
  • Adam Frasch returns to his home but continues the long distance relationship with the beautiful model Samira.


  • Adam and Samira marry in a lavish ceremony in Las Vegas, according to HLN News.


  • Dr. Adam Frasch and his wife Samira move to Florida. According to police documents, the couple's relationship takes a turn for the worse.


  • Samira eventually gives birth to two children. During this time, Samira Frasch receives a phone call from another woman who claims to be involved in a relationship with her husband Adam Frasch.
  • The woman explains that she also had become pregnant with Dr. Frasch's child but had a miscarriage.
  • The other woman went explains how Dr. Frasch would lavish her with gifts that had belonged to his wife Samira. She also wore his Samira's clothes and jewelry.
  • Samira Frasch is devastated to learn of her husband's secret affair.



  • The marital relationship has escalated into physical violence. Dr. Adam Frasch has his wife Samira arrested for domestic battery but later drops the charges.
  • Samira is kicked out of her home and has no access to funds.


  • According to, Samira Frasch is granted custody of her two children Hyrah Frasch, age 2, and Skynaah Frasch, age 10 months.
  • The judge also grants wife Samira Frasch with possession of the home, according to information provided by Attorney Buddy Whitlock.


Friday, February 21

  • Adam Frasch is seen at his Palm City Beach home in Florida that evening.

Saturday, February 22

8:30 a.m.

  • A witness reports seeing Dr. Adam Frasch at his wife's Golden Eagle home in Tallahassee.

11:00 a.m.

  • The maintenance worker arrives at Samira Frasch's home and finds the model dead in her swimming pool. The maintenance man tells 911 dispatchers that Samira Frasch appears to already be dead. He also tells them that she is located at the bottom of the pool, and that "Somebody had to kill her, according to"
  • Police are dispatched to the home, where they find the woman's dead body in the pool. The two children are missing and an Amber alert is put in place.
  • Late that evening, police locate Adam Frasch at his home in Florida. He is placing bags in the back of his SUV. Detectives see the two children in the back of the vehicle.
  • Adam Frasch is arrested and charged with interfering with custody.
  • Adam Frasch is currently being held without bond.

Today's Update in the case of Adam Frasch

Wednesday, February 26

  • Adam Frasch has been transported to the Leon County Jail in Tallahassee. He tells police that he has nothing to do with his wife's death. According to Frasch, the couple was working things out, and that they had arranged for him to pick up the children that morning.
  • Police detectives are still waiting for autopsy results to confirm a cause of death.

March 13

Adam Frasch is taken into custody for Medicare fraud charges. Three guns are also located on the premises of his office. He is in the Leon County Jail, according to

Model Samira Frasch
Model Samira Frasch Facebook

Model Samira Frasch

Here is a photo of 38-year-old Samira Frasch. Samira was once a Ford model. She met her husband while she was walking the runway in Paris. The couple engaged in a passionate, steamy love affair. Sadly, she was found dead in her swimming pool in Tallahassee.

Adam and Samira Frasch: Facebook
Adam and Samira Frasch: Facebook Facebook

Adam and Samira Frasch: Facebook

A glimpse of the Facebook photos for Adam and Samira Frasch show that the couple lived a lavish and extravagante lifestyle. The couple has two children. One of the children has her own Facebook page dedicated to her modeling career.

Dr. Adam Frasch: Thomasville
Dr. Adam Frasch: Thomasville police file photo

Dr. Adam Frasch: Thomasville

Here is a photo of the once well-respected Dr. Adam Frasch, a Thomasville podiatrist, who is now being questioned by police about the mysterious death of his wife. The two were engaged in a violent, bitter divorce battle at the time of Samira Frasch's death. He is currently charged with two counts of interfering with child custody.

Adam Frasch-Tallahassee
Adam Frasch-Tallahassee Leon County booking photo

Adam Frasch-Tallahassee

This is the latest mugshot of Dr. Adam Frasch. He was just extradited to the Leon County Jail in Tallahassee. According to Frasch, he had planned on making up with his wife. He is crying a lot inside the facility and is said to be distraught over his wife's death.

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