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Police searching Osseo, Minn., home in decades old case: Amy Sue Pagnac

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Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting today that police are still at a Maple Grove home searching for clues in the case of a teen who went missing over two decades ago from Osseo, Minn. Police investigators are searching the property located in the 9700 block of Hemlock Lane North in Maple Grove. They are looking for any evidence that might lead to the whereabouts of Amy Pagnac, a 13-year-old Minnesota teen who vanished in 1989. Susan Pagnac and Marshall Midden, the missing teen's mother and stepfather, still live at the residence. Onlookers say, Susan Pagnac was shocked that the police were at their home but hopes that they have new information regarding her daughter's disappearance, according to CBS News.

Amy Sue Pagnac disappeared from the Holiday Inn gas station in Osseo, police say. According to Marshall Midden, his stepdaughter disappeared after he entered the gas station to use the bathroom, leaving Amy Pagnac in the vehicle. When he returned, Amy had vanished.

Marshall Midden had taken Amy with him to visit the family's farm located in Isanti County. In the initial police investigation, the case was classified as a non-family abduction, according to The Charley Project. It was also speculated that Amy Pagnac had run away from home, as she had done one time in the past.

The case has not received much media attention since 1989. Maple Grove police investigators are not giving an exact motive for the search of the home but are hopeful that this new investigation will turn up some new leads.

Amy Sue Pagnac Missing Person's Timeline: On August 5, 1989, Amy Pagnac and her stepfather, Marshall Midden, leave their Maple Grove home to go on a short day trip to the family farm in Isanti County. Upon returning from the short trip, Marshall Madden stops at the Holiday Inn gas station to use the restroom. When he returns to the car, he does not see Amy. The police investigation turns up few leads, and the case goes cold for the next 25 years.

On Sunday, May 18, 2014, police arrive at the home of Marshall Midden and Sue Pagnac located in the 9700 block of Hemlock Lane North. They inform the news media and the community that the search has to do with the disappearance of Amy Sue Pagnac. Maple Grove Police do not give a motive for the search but indicate it will last for several days. Anyone with any information about the case should call Maple Grove Police at 612-494-6114 or 877-996-6222.

Marshall Midden-Susan Pagnac, Osseo, Minn.
Marshall Midden-Susan Pagnac, Osseo, Minn. YouTube

Marshall Midden-Susan Pagnac, Osseo, Minn.

Maple Grove Police are searching the home of Marshall Midden and Susan Pagnac. The police have not named the two individuals as suspects. They have also not released a motive for the property search.

Amy Pagnac aka Amy Sue Pagnac missing, Osseo, Minn.
Amy Pagnac aka Amy Sue Pagnac missing, Osseo, Minn. Facebook

Amy Pagnac aka Amy Sue Pagnac missing, Osseo, Minn.

This is a photo of Amy Sue Pagnac, the 13-year-old teen who vanished from a gas station in Osseo, Minn., 25 years ago. According to her stepfather, he ran inside the gas station to use the bathroom, but when he returned, Amy had disappeared.

Amy Sue Pagnac Found?
Amy Sue Pagnac Found? Facebook

Amy Sue Pagnac Found?

This is a digital photo of how Amy Pagnac would look today if she is found alive. Susan Pagnac is hopeful that the search being conducted on the property today will yield some clues as to what happened to her precious daughter all those years ago.



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