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A Valentine’s Day Guide to the five best Marvel Comics weddings

The longest lasting, happiest marriage in Marvel Comics history belongs to two members of the Fantastic Four.
The longest lasting, happiest marriage in Marvel Comics history belongs to two members of the Fantastic Four.
Jack Kirby

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day grows near and while superheroes are more known for stopping the bad guys with a punch to the jaw there is a side to our costumed crusaders that pulls at their fans' heart strings. Whether it is love at first sight or a romantic bond built from surviving a deathtrap set by the most menacing villain of the day. Superheroes are human too and love comes easy to them.

Since the Marvel Age of Comics began in the early 1960s there has been a significant wedding each decade each spotlighting a different corner of the Marvel Universe from the Fantastic Four to Spider-Man to the X-Men and the Avengers all have found a way to celebrate. The most momentous of the weddings were marked with special issues either appearing is the character's respective title's annual, or a giant-sized special edition of the series. They are some of the happiest most romantic moments in all of comics.

With this list the Hollywood Comic Books Examiner gives you the Valentine’s Day Guide to the Five Best Marvel Comics Weddings.

The Invisible Girl and Mister Fantastic
The Invisible Girl and Mister Fantastic Jack Kirby

The Invisible Girl and Mister Fantastic

The greatest couple in Marvel Comics history, and certainly the longest lasting. Sue Storm and Reed Richards were introduced in the very first issue of the "Fantastic Four" (November 1961). They were already a happy couple before they were bombarded by cosmic rays and turned into one half of the Fantastic Four.

As Co-Creators Jack Kirby and Stan Lee continued to develop the family dynamic of the FF, it was inevitable that Sue and Reed would tie the knot and they did. . . in the most manic wedding issue of them all "Fantastic Four Annual" #3 (October 1965).

To this day the Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic are still married leading the first family of the Marvel Universe in the pages of "Fantastic Four."

The Scarlet Witch and Vision
The Scarlet Witch and Vision Gil Kane & John Romita

The Scarlet Witch and Vision

One of the oddest couples in the Marvel Universe featured the Mutant-witch the Scarlet Witch and her sythezoid husband the Vision. When these two were battling the Zodiac as members of the Avengers a romantic spark was ignited.

That spark took time to grow into a flame as both longed for the other never feeling it was right for them to be together. When they finally relented and acknowledged their feelings they became the premiere couple on the Avengers. Once the Vision finally figured out the origin of his life as an artificial man, he proposed to the love of his life.

The two were married in "Giant-Size Avengers" #4 (June 1975), a dual wedding with Mantis and the ghost of the Swordsman also taking their wedding vows. The issue written by Steve Englehart with art by Don Heck was the culmination of the character development in both Scarlet Witch and the Vision.

The two remained happily married for many years and starred in two mini-series. But the romance came to a halt when the Vision was disassembled by the government having his mind wiped int he process during the events of the "Vision Quest" in "West Coast Avengers" #42-45 (March 1989-June 1989). His mind erased his feelings were gone. Scarlet Witch went through a severe emotional stress which culminated in her loss of sanity that nearly destroyed the Avengers in "Avengers Disassembled" (September 2004-December 2004).

Mary Jane Watson and Spider-Man
Mary Jane Watson and Spider-Man John Romita

Mary Jane Watson and Spider-Man

In "Amazing Spider-Man Annual" #21 (June 1987), the one-time bookworm, Peter Parker, married longtime on-again/off-again girlfriend and super-model, Mary Jane Watson.

The couple took a longtime to get together. Mary Jane was often teased at Spider-Man comics as Peter Parker's Aunt May's best friend's niece who Peter should be fixed up with. Fearing the worst Peter dodged meeting MJ when her name was brought up. When he finally met her face to face in "Amazing Spider-Man" #42 (November 1966), she told him he'd hit the jackpot and he did. . . it just took him 21 years to close the deal.

The wedding took place in "Amazing Spider-Man Annual" #21 written by David Michelinie, James Shooter, and Paul Ryan was a classic capturing the nuptials.

While everyone was happy to see Spider-Man happily married, people in editorial at Marvel Comics felt that Spider-Man being married aged him and being married to a super-model took away from Spidey's down on his luck demeanor. So in the story line "One More Day" in 2007, 20 years after the wedding, J. Michael Stracynski and Joe Quesada dissolved the spider-marriage in a convoluted way that simply erased the wedding from existence.

Peter and Mary Jane still had a long relationship, but the wedding never happened. Today they are just really good friends.

Marvel Girl and Cyclops
Marvel Girl and Cyclops Andy Kubert & Mathew Ryan

Marvel Girl and Cyclops

Two of the founding members of the X-Men, Jean "Marvel Girl" Grey and Scott "Cyclops" Summers had one of the most popular relationships in comic book history. They were star-crossed lovers who fell in love at first sight in "X-Men" #1 (1963) but could not admit their feelings for quite sometime.

As they finally became a couple, Jean died only to be reborn as the Phoenix who later died again. For years Scott was lost without Jean. He made some bad choices, and when Jean finally returned again there was some repairing of the relationship that was needed.

In the double-sized "X-Men" Volume 2 #30 (March 1994), Jean Grey finally married Scott Summers. The issue written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Andy Kubert was a quiet one focusing on the couple without the superhero slug fests that pervaded many of the other wedding ceremonies in Marvel's history.

Jean and Scott did not last. During a storyline by writer Grant Morrison in "New X-Men" Jean was killed by Magneto "New X-Men" #150 (February 2004). Scott has gone on to be one of the most complex heroes in Marvel Comics dating and breaking up with Emma Frost. He is now leader of a revolutionary sect of the X-Men.

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage
Jessica Jones and Luke Cage Olivier Coipel

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage first got together in the pages of "Alias" #1 (November 2001) by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. It was a one-night stand as Jones was trying to find herself after her failed superhero career.

But Cage turned out to be the best guy for her, caring for her even at her worst. When that one-night stand turned into a pregnancy the two finally admitted their love for one another. When their baby, Danielle, was born in the pages of "The Pulse" #13 (March 2006) by Bendis and Gaydos they knew marriage was in their future.

In the pages of "New Avengers Annual" #1 (April 2006) by Bendis and Olivier Coipel the couple tied the knot. it was a Marvel-wedding in the classic Marvel-style that featured an attack from the Adaptoid.

The two remain happily married raising their daughter and fighting the good fight in the pages of "Mighty Avengers."