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A Quick look at the 3 major cities & Grand Companies of Final Fantasy XIV

There is a Grand company for each Major City-state of Eorzea
There is a Grand company for each Major City-state of EorzeaSquare Enix & Final Fantasy XIV; a Realm Reborn

The reborn realm of Final Fantasy XIV contains three major cities for which there are Grand Companies; here we plan to take a brief look at each of these three cities and their respective Grand Companies.

Before getting knee-deep in each however, perhaps we should explain the Grand Companies and what exactly their impacts are on we the players. Each of the major cities holds a specific Grand Company; an association of heroes and in essence the army of each city to which they belong. While players are faced with a decision of choosing one of these once progressed far enough in their main story questline, this choice is little more than the player's preference as to which they wish to take part. Each Grand Company will provide the same items to their members, however each does have their own set of colors, emblems, and official leader. Many new players when faced with this choice will ask whether their job/class should have any impact on that decision; since all three have the same to offer the player that answer is a simple no. Of those that have already made their choice, anything from the color preference, city preference, or even preference of the company leader contributed to their selection. Should one find themselves wanting to leave their current company to join another, it is not difficult to do but any ranking or advancement that has taken place with their current will not carry over to the new. In other words its only as hard as starting over with a Grand Company, to change them. Regardless which manages to win out on that decision, every player prior to completion of their main story quest line, will inevitably land in one of the three.

Ul'dah & the Immortal Flames
Ul'dah & the Immortal Flames Square Enix & Final Fantasy XIV; a Realm Reborn

Ul'dah & the Immortal Flames

The desert city of Ul'dah serves as home to the Immortal Flames.  With the Flame General Raubahn Aldynn serving as the company leader, he remains faithful to Ul'dan sultana of Nanamo UI Namo while staying true to his motto of:  "The line between victory and defeat is drawn by the swift and trod by the dead."  As a champion gladiator Raubahn used his winnings to purchase the Coliseum in Ul'dah and earned his place within the Syndicate.  Unlike the Syndicate however, he remains faithful to Sultana Namo and had reinstated the Immortal Flames as a means of combating the impending threat of the Garlean Empire.

Gridania & the Order of the Twin Adder
Gridania & the Order of the Twin Adder Square Enix & Final Fantasy XIV; a Realm Reborn

Gridania & the Order of the Twin Adder

Closest to the Garlemald and adjacent to Mor Dhona stands Gridania, and it stands as the first line of defense against the threat of either.   The Grand company, Order of the Twin Adder; serves under the Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna in providing that protection.  After taking notice of the number of natural anomalies taking place throughout the lands, Kan-E-Senna reinstated the Order to prepare this city-state for what lay ahead.

Limsa Lominsa & Maelstrom
Limsa Lominsa & Maelstrom Square Enix & Final Fantasy XIV; a Realm Reborn

Limsa Lominsa & Maelstrom

Last but by far not least in this listing comes the city-state of Limsa Lominsa.  A quote from their leader, Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn leaves little doubt as to the confidence she instills:   "Impossible is a word coined by the weak".  Once a pirate who then became the leader imposing strict regulations upon them, Merlwyb's stubborn and uncompromising attitude are held in sway only by her honesty and proud demeanor.

Whether a preference of the town, the leader, or simply the colors and looks of the gear provided, every player that wishes to complete their main story quest will inevitably choose one of the three to take part in.  Granted at any time a player can indeed change from one to another; however not only will their current seals acquired be then frozen and not transfer for use in the new company joined, but should they wish to return a hefty donation of 50,000 gil will be needed to rejoin a previous company and unfreeze those seals for use again.