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A look back on “Friends”

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This year marks the 10 year anniversary since our beloved show, Friends, went off the air and 20 years ago since it premiered.

Friends is the story about six friends and their everyday life. The show is not a very complex show (like the ones we see today) but it offered something that we could look forward to week to week. Each character was complex and interesting and we loved every single one of them.

Friends has been nominated for 63 Emmys, winning six. Out of the six, five of them were for Outstanding Comedic series in 1995, 1996, 1999, 2000, and 2003. There were 10 season with a total of 236 episodes.

The show was more then just about the six friends. It offered us a show that the whole family could watch on a Thursday night and laugh at. It’s a timeless show that can still get fans to laugh during syndication. Fans love the show so much that they pray that one day there will be reunion (though creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane have repeatedly stated that they will never do a reunion).

While Friends lives now in syndication, it’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole decade since we have seen any new episodes. And if you are a true Friends fan, there are times when you go on Youtube and just watch clips and blooper reels over and over again because not only do they make you laugh, they make you remember how special the show was and how it really was a once in a life time show. Some shows have tried to replicate it, but none have reached the bar that Friends has made.

Here is a list of he top 10 shows and why we love them so much. Of course, it was near impossible to just pick ten, but these ten have stood out to me and when I think of Friends, I think of these shows.

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What were some of your favorite show? #10 - “The One Where Ross Got High” Season 6 Episode 9

Best Quote - “Hurricane Gloria didn’t break the porch swing, Monica did”


Chandler and Monica invite over her parents to try and win them over because they do not like him. Come to find out its because they think that he got Ross high when they were college. That sparks a whole list of confessions from Ross and Monica to their parents. And to top it off, Rachel makes a dessert that doesn’t go according to plan and everyone fakes liking it to spare her feelings. Everyone except for Joey that is. #9 - “The One with Joey’s New Brain” Season 7 Episode 15

Best Quote - “I can imagine you in a knee-high quilt and knee socks”


Ross tries to learn the bagpipes so that he can play “Celebration” at Chandler and Monica’s wedding. The best scene in perhaps the best scenes in the whole existence of the show is when Phoebe tries to sing along with the music and in the background Jennifer Aniston can’t hide her laughter. She tries her hardest to hide it but she doesn’t do a very good job of it. #8 - “The One Where No One is Ready” Season 3 Episode 2

Best Quote - “Could I be wearing any more clothes”


In this show Ross is trying to get all his friends ready to go to one of his events for work. Chandler and Joey argue over the chair cushions which is hilarious because they act like brothers. Chandler thinks he has the upper hand when he hides his underwear, but Joey is obvious the winner when he puts on all of Chandler’s clothes. #7 - “The One with Rachel’s Other Sister” Season 9 Episode 8

Best Quote - “Well, what do you know, I’ll be the one that dies first”


Rachel’s sister comes to town and thinks that she would get custody of Emma just because she is Rachel’s sister. She is in for a shocker when she finds out that Monica and Chandler would get Emma. Then it becomes a big fight over the lineage of who would get Emma and who would have to die for each of them to get her. Chandler is 4th in line but finds himself perhaps the first one to die.

daily #6 - “The One with the Late Thanksgiving” Season 10 Episode 8


Best Quote - “What is that? That’s Fire. Beats Everything. Oh Yeah? Does it beat water balloon.”


In the last Thanksgiving episode, the gang is meant to get together and celebrate their last Thanksgiving in the apartment except things don’t go according to plan as everyone is late. It’s funny watching Rachel and Phoebe win the beauty pageant and them playing Rock, Paper, Scissors and Joey puts out ‘fire’. Let’s me honest, we all did that the next time we played Rock, Paper, Scissors. #5 - “The One with the Holiday Armadillo” Season 7 Episode 10

Best Quote - “But I didn’t get to shake my belly like a bowl full of jelly”


This is perhaps the best Christmas show that they did. Ross wanted to have awareness with his son about Hanukkah and get him excited about being Jewish. As anyone who has seen a kid with Santa, it’s very hard to get a child interested in anything else. Chandler was so funny as Santa and his conversation with Monica about the Santa suit was epic.

hello #4 - “The One Where Everyone Finds Out” Season 5 Episode 14


Best Quote - “Not without you, lover”


During this show, Phoebe and Rachel team up together and play a little game against Monica and Chandler about their secret relationship. Joey is caught in the cross fires but he hates knowing so he was ok with the game. The exchange of ‘they don’t know that we know that they know’ kind of thing going through the show is so funny. #3 - “The One With the Embryos” Season 4 Episode 12

Best Quote - “Actually it’s Miss Chanadler Bong”

What made this show amazing was that it was great from start to finish. Where as most shows are good during some parts. Of course we all know that Monica hates to lose, so it’s no surprise that she freaks out when she does. This show really shows all that it can offer as while it does hit you with the comedy, it also has heart and we see this when Phoebe gets pregnant. #2 - “The One in Barbados” Season 9 Episode 23/24

Best Quote - “Oh yeah, I’m awesome”


Mike proves just how perfect he is for Phoebe as he proves that he’s awesome to Monica. That whole competition between him and Monica was perhaps one of the best scenes in the season if not the show. They had such a great back and forth that by the end of the scene you are laughing so hard that you are crying.

what #1 - “The Last One” Season 10 Episode 17 and 18


Best Quote - “Wanna get some coffee. Where?”

While this may not be the funniest episode that Friends has ever done, it’s the most sentimental. It was the last episode that we got to see with our beloved Friends and it offers closure for the six main characters. Monica and Chandler get their baby and Rachel and Ross finally end up together. This show proves that they still can surprise us even to the very end as Monica and Chandler ends up with two babies instead of just one.