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A Few Halloween Life Lessons

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Are you taking the kids out for Trick or Treat on Halloween night or dreading the little goblins that may appear at your doorstep chanting trick or treat?

Some families have religious beliefs against the whole Halloween celebration. They think of Halloween as more demonic influences in the world rather than just innocent fun.

Think of Halloween as a recognition of evil not a celebration of it. Take Halloween as an opportunity to teach your little ones a few important life lessons. Here are a few Life Lessons about stranger danger for your children to follow all year long. Children can learn from the Halloween celebrations to Fear No Evil.

Let’s face it. We live in an evil world. Just listen to the daily news reports. But, there is still much that is good in the world, too. Good people have an obligation to be brave and stand up for what is good. Just because evil is real does not mean you have to be afraid. Ultimately, good overcomes evil. Teach your children to be brave.

Use some simple suggestions to educate the little ones and remind your children about safety during this Halloween season and all year long. A monster may just be someone in a costume or a mask. A person who pretends to be your friend and may have plans to hurt you could be a real monster.

Make sure children know the traditions behind this festive day and emphasize that when they are not with mom and dad, never take ANYTHING that a stranger offers them when they are alone. A polite no thank you is always best before a hasty retreat.

Have some creative fun with your family during this start to the holiday season. These are the days of your lives. Live them to the fullest and remind each other often about how much your family means to you. So, go ape and make some memories that your children will laugh about and learn from for years to come.

Fear No Evil
Fear No Evil Halloween Decoration

Fear No Evil

Teach your children to be brave. Let them know that evil does exist but they should fear no evil. Tell them that just as turning on a light in a room will overcome the darkness, good will overcome evil.

Looks can be Deceiving
Looks can be Deceiving Halloween Decoration

Looks can be Deceiving

Teach your children to be smart. Looks can be deceiving. Everything is not what it seems.Encourage your children to use good judgement to decide what is real and what is not.

All Monsters are Not Ugly
All Monsters are Not Ugly Halloween Decoration

All Monsters are Not Ugly

Make sure your children know about stranger danger. All monsters are not ugly. The monsters who wear scary masks are easy to pick out. Real life monsters can look nice but be evil. Always teach your children to stay at least two arms lengths away from a stranger when they are not with mom and dad.  

Is there life in Outer Space?
Is there life in Outer Space? Halloween Decoration

Is there life in Outer Space?

Should we teach our children that there might be other life forms in outer space? We are here in the universe. Is it reasonable to think there could be others? It never hurts to be open minded. 

A Gorilla Good Time
A Gorilla Good Time Halloween Decoration

A Gorilla Good Time

This is real life not a dress rehearsal. Teach your children to enjoy their lives. Make some wonderful memories to share together. Have a Gorilla Good Time with your family every chance you get.