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'A Daughter's Nightmare': True story of Michael Swango-Kirsten Kinney?

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"A Daughter's Nightmare"will air on Lifetime tomorrow, the Los Angeles Times is reporting today. "A Daughter's Nightmare" is a 2014 movie that could be inspired by the true story of serial killer Michael Swango. It is directed by Vic Sarin and written by Shelley Gillen. The Lifetime thriller stars Janet Anderson, Peter Benson and Kate Bateman.

Not advertised as a movie based on a true story, "A Daughter's Nightmare" follows the story of a beautiful widow who falls in love with a handsome stranger that she meets at a grief counseling session. The affair between them heats up quickly, but after the woman continues to fall mysteriously ill, her daughter begins to suspect the new male nurse of poisoning her mother.

Taking a brief look at the synopsis and the trailer for the movie, the Michael Swango serial killer case comes to mind. A few things that stand out right away are: the male nurse, the syringe angle, the girlfriend becoming ill, and the daughter frantically chasing the new stranger's past. All of those elements are found in the true story of Michael Swango.

For example, according to the Daily Press, Michael Swango met a woman named Kristen Kinney at a meeting where he was working as a counselor. She was a beautiful nurse who fell for Swango very quickly. Kristen was divorced from her first husband and engaged to another man when she met Michael Swango. Needless to say, the relationship took off very quickly. But soon after, Kristen Kinney began falling ill. She suspected that her fiancee, Michael Swango, was poisoning her food or her drinks. Kristen Kinney' dead body was discovered in a park. She had been shot. The death was ruled a suicide.

In the Lifetime movie, it is the daughter who begins to suspect that the new boyfriend is hiding something, but in the Michael Swango story it was Kristen's mother who was frantic with worry about the new man. There was also an older widow who allowed Michael Swango to stay in her home as a tenant. She had some very strange and frightening experiences with Michael Swango. It is possible that the producers for the film pulled these facts from the Swango story and weaved them into this fictional version. Research the Michael Swango story and his connection to Kristen Kinney and the old widow, Lynette O'Hare.

'A Daughter's Nightmare': What is it based on?
'A Daughter's Nightmare': What is it based on? Lifetime: Facebook

'A Daughter's Nightmare': What is it based on?

The Lifetime movie, produced by Sepia Films, will air on Lifetime on Saturday. The movie is not said to be based on a true case but it sounds like the Michael Swango poison case.



Michael Swango-Lynette O'hare
Michael Swango-Lynette O'hare YouTube

Michael Swango-Lynette O'hare

Lynette O'hare thought Michael Swango was a very strange guy. Swango lived with her for a while. O'hare became so suspicious of him that she hired members of her staff to live with her just to observe Michael Swango. They told her that they saw Michael Swango watching her every move when he thought she was sleeping.

Lifetime movie: Airs on Saturday
Lifetime movie: Airs on Saturday YouTube

Lifetime movie: Airs on Saturday

Michael Swango was a doctor who was suspected of killing at least 60 people, including patients, lovers and friends. Swango has been the subject of several books, magazine articles and television documentaries. He was sentenced to life in prison. He is still currently incarcerated.