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9 Local Small Business Website Promotion Recommendations

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The best local small business in the world can’t be a success until the business becomes known and stands out within its community and industry. Local businesses have it tough enough on a daily basis trying to keep and maintain their business profits. You know that every day you must keep your local business location, clean, safe and appealing for your customers. You do this also because this is exactly what your local business community needs to ensure the survival of the overall local business neighborhood.

Lots of competition around.

However, budget and resource constraints can make effective, consistent local business promotions an especially challenging task for your local small business. Sometimes big box stores make too much noise locally and customers stop seeing your local small business as an option. As a local small business owner, if this is your challenge too, then why not take your local business to the next level to try and gain all the customers you can.\

Time to get your business online.

What's the next level you ask? Well the next level is to go to a place that may not seem intuitive or easy for the average local small business owner. However that said, you need to explore developing/using your website to attract more customers. I highly recommend this, because no matter how small you are, you need to take your local small business online and explore the use of the many online website promotion tools that are readily available to you.

Powerful profits driven by via website promotion tools

These website promotion tools are not always obvious to an offline local small business owner, but once these tools are found, you will see that these website promotion resources can be become very powerful in maintaining existing customers and growing your profits.

Plan to get your local business online.

Here we recommend 9 steps to get your website promotion efforts started today.

  1. Make sure you are almost completely set up before launching a local marketing campaign, if you are starting a new business.
  2. Analyze your products, then take the time and put a specific marketing focus on your relevant local business products.
  3. Develop the proper web copy and SEO it for your specific business.
  4. Take advantage of free online marketing. Secure your local business listing in Google Search, because Google owns 70-80% of local search activities. Don’t forget Bing and Yahoo.
  5. Get listed in all the local neighborhood directories that you can find. There are a number of online yellow pages where you should submit, such as Merchant Circle, Web Local,,,, Insider Pages and Superpages. Submit your business listing to major data providers, such as Localeze, infoUSA and
  6. Online there is a lot of competition, so find ways to make your add unique and stand out in the crowd.
  7. Offline get right in front of your customer traffic by getting your ads where your customers congregate which may not be in front of your store.
  8. Create multiple listing because your business may be local but your customers can come from everywhere.
  9. Once you exhaust the free advertising, and then consider some paid advertising in your area, like radio ads, bulk mailing, press releases and groupon type ads.

Regardless of where you are located, big or small, combine offline with online local small business website promotions that can make a major difference in your small business success.

Local Business Marketing in your town
Local Business Marketing in your town Techoss photo gallery

Local Business Marketing in your town

Put a specific focus on your local business marketing efforts. Local Business Marketing South Orange NJ – It’s the one by one Moms and Pops and Kids family that passes by your business every day that are also your potential customers. How are you reaching them?

Google Local Small Business Search
Google Local Small Business Search Techoss photo gallery

Google Local Small Business Search

Get a listing in Google. Google Local Small Business Search engine tools have specific options that let customers search within your area which means you need to use the specific small business listing tools to list your business in the local search section.

Your customers are everywhere.
Your customers are everywhere. Techoss photo gallery

Your customers are everywhere.

Make it Easy To Be Found on the Web. Your business may be local but your customers may be national or international.  That’s right your customers are everywhere all over the world. Can they find you? Get yourself listed in many places online.

Stand out from the crowd
Stand out from the crowd Techoss photo gallery

Stand out from the crowd

Find a Way to Stand Out in the Crowd. As a local small business owner your job is to make your local business stand out from the crowd by being unique and extremely relevant to your local customer needs. Once you establish your individuality offline, then it is time to bring that same uniqueness to your website promotion activities.

Marketing that attracts customers
Marketing that attracts customers

Marketing that attracts customers

Get right in front of your customer traffic.  Whether its in Australia or you are here in Newark New Jersey, what are you to doing to break the pattern of sameness to standout and attract customers to your local small business?

Market Everywhere and Anywhere
Market Everywhere and Anywhere Techoss photo gallery

Market Everywhere and Anywhere

Know your customers can come from everywhere. Growing your business online should always be done because in cases where you think its all local - people do come from around the world to visit a beach. Why not let them come directly to your little store because your website promotion efforts pulled them into you. 

Worldwide Local Marketing
Worldwide Local Marketing Techoss photo gallery

Worldwide Local Marketing

Make access easy for your customers. For local small business owners, the specific circumstances of your small business location will vary tremendously depending on where you are in the world. There are infrastructure difficulties that make attracting customers to your business a challenge. Consider that the internet  website can make infrastructure difficulties disappear.