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7 ways to rock the top fashion colors of spring 2014

Pairing blue with black livens things up in an edgy way for spring 2014
Nordstrom Inc.

The Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2014 puts a spotlight on the color trends of the season. There are 10 spring color trends in the report. These are easily recognizable colors. However, their names may confuse you a bit so let me breakdown what each color actually is to make shopping easier for you this season.

The Pastels

Placid Blue -- Pale Sky Blue

Violet Tulip -- Soft Lavendar

Hemlock -- Light Mint Green

The Neutrals

Sand -- Dark Beige or Medium Tan

Paloma -- Soft steel Gray

Cayenne -- Dark Salmon Pink

Borderline Shade

Celosia Orange -- Basic Orange

The Brights

Freesia -- Bright Lemon Yellow

Radiant Orchid -- Purple Orchid

Dazzling Blue -- Bright Royal Blue or Cobalt Blue

It is easy to wear all pastels, all neutrals or one bright each day. However, if you want your look to be more modern and stylish then you will need to mix things up a bit. Sure prints always add interest to your look but knowing how pair these colors together is what will make you look fashionably chic this spring. Check out this list of stylish pairings to give you a little fashion color inspiration for spring 2014.

Pastel Background
Pastel Background Land's End

Pastel Background

Use your pastels as an equalizer for other colors or colors within the same family. This floral print dress from Land’s End uses mint green as the main backdrop color. It then layers different shades of green within the print for a subtle graphic that is spring perfect.

Mix Pastels, Neutrals and Brights
Mix Pastels, Neutrals and Brights G. Rustichelli/FABRICA/ for The Benneton Group

Mix Pastels, Neutrals and Brights

This spring’s colors work so well that they can be mixed together in one print. This dress from Benetton infuses the pastels, neutrals and a bright from the Pantone Color Report effortlessly. It is a very safe and easy way wear these trendy colors and not look over-the-top.

Orange Used as a Neutral
Orange Used as a Neutral JCPenney

Orange Used as a Neutral

For spring orange is the crossover color. It can be worn as a bright or neutral. This short jacket from JCPenney when worn with black and white acts more like a neutral toning down the graphic contrast of the black and white pant set underneath.

Orange Used as a Bright
Orange Used as a Bright Macy's Inc.

Orange Used as a Bright

Orange is also one of this season’s brights when worn alone or against a single color like white or a bright like yellow. Be careful when wearing orange as a bright it can be too overpowering on some people. Think about using it in your accessories like a scarf, handbag, or a cute pair of pumps this spring.

Black and Blue
Black and Blue JCPenney

Black and Blue

Blue is the hot color of spring 2014. If you are going to adopt any color trend this is the one to jump on. However, there are ways to wear blue that are more stylish and edgier than others are. One of them is to pair it with black. The contrast is rather electrifying adding something special to an otherwise plain look.

Save Your Brights for Graphic Prints
Save Your Brights for Graphic Prints JCPenney

Save Your Brights for Graphic Prints

Sometimes wearing a bright color can be intimidating. Pairing them with a neutral color does not always tone them down enough for some. However, prints that feature a bright like Radiant Orchid, can give you that pop of color you want without it overpowering you.

Make Them Removable
Make Them Removable Land's End

Make Them Removable

Sometimes we are color shy. Other times we have jobs that may frown upon wearing too much color. In these cases, you do not have to forgo trying one of spring’s trendy colors. Just chose an item that is removable like wearing a colorful handbag or putting on a light sweater in a bright yellow when the AC is too chilly at work. You still get to have fun with color but you also get to remove it when needed.