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7 things you didn't know Google could do for you

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You may already realize that Google has far more search capabilities than most people use. Did you know you can easily bring up the results of last night's game, find out theaters and times for movie showings, determine whether a flight has landed or will arrive on time, make mathematical calculations, figure out the location of a telephone area code or even find the name of that song that's been running through your head?

Here are seven ways to take further advantage of Google's extremely powerful search features. You can either type these commands into Google's search bar on a computer or mobile device, or speak them into Chrome on an Android phone or tablet after setting up Voice Search.

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What's the name of that song?
What's the name of that song? Beth McIntire

What's the name of that song?

If you keep repeating song lyrics in your head and don't know or can't recall the name of the tune, try searching for some of the remembered words, in quotes, along with the word lyrics. For example, you might try "but if you close your eyes" lyrics to find out that the song is "Pompeii" by Bastille.

Get sports scores and game results
Get sports scores and game results Beth McIntire

Get sports scores and game results

Want to know the results of your favorite team's recent game or even what happened in a long ago sporting event? Ask what was the score of last night's Pirate's game or who won the Super Bowl in 2000 (answer: St. Louis Rams).

Check movie times and theaters
Check movie times and theaters Beth McIntire

Check movie times and theaters

You don't need to search multiple movie theater Web sites to find a convenient showtime for a movie. Ask Google something along the lines of where is X-Men playing in Raleigh or where is Frozen playing in Charlotte.

Airline flight tracking
Airline flight tracking Beth McIntire

Airline flight tracking

Search by the airline and flight number to find out the status of a flight. For example, try entering or speaking something like Delta 4152 or United Airlines 4424.

Use Google as your calculator
Use Google as your calculator Beth McIntire

Use Google as your calculator

Who needs Windows Calculator or Excel for math problems? You can speak or enter a math problem into Chrome on your Android phone or tablet or type it into your computer's Google search bar.

Calculate measurements
Calculate measurements Beth McIntire

Calculate measurements

If you do a lot of cooking, you may learn to love Google's measurement conversion capabilities. It's not limited to kitchen measurements, though. Enter something like 3 cups in tablespoons, 55 miles in km or 1577 inches in cm to watch Google do its magic.

Get bus and train times
Get bus and train times Beth McIntire

Get bus and train times

Enter starting city to destination by train or starting city to destination by bus. Examples would be Pittsburgh to Philadelphia by bus or Seattle to San Francisco by train.


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