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7 Sunnah habits for Friday Prayer

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It's the start of a new week and just before we know it, Friday will be upon us once again.

Prescribed upon Muslims is attending the weekly congregational lecture and prayer at the mosque called salatul jumuah, or Friday Prayer. Before offering arriving at the place of worship, it is recommended to do a few things which the prophet himself did during his lifetime.

Bathe Yourself
Bathe Yourself via Internet Islamic Art Database,

Bathe Yourself

"O Muslims! Allah Ta'ala has made this day a day of Eid. So have a bath on this day, whoever has perfume should apply it, and use the Miswaak.“ (Ibn Majah)

Wear nice clothes
Wear nice clothes via Internet Islamic Art Database,

Wear nice clothes

Muslims should dress their very best on Fridays!

It's recommended to "wear nice clothes (Abu Dawood, Chapter of Ghusl on the day of Jummah) and One should not fiddle with clothes or fingers but listen attentively (Ibn Majah)"

Get an early start
Get an early start via Internet Islamic Art Database,

Get an early start

You know what they say, the early bird gets the worm!

It is sunnah (prophetic tradition) to proceed as early as possible to the masjid, or mosque, for Jummah prayer.

Recite Suratul Kahf
Recite Suratul Kahf via Internet Islamic Art Database,

Recite Suratul Kahf

Related by Hakim and Bayhaqi, from Abu Sa`id “Whoever recites Surat al-Kahf on Friday, light shall shine forth for him between the two Fridays.” (Ibn Hajar, Talkhis al- Habir)

Chapter 18 (The Cave)

Walk to the Mosque
Walk to the Mosque via Internet Islamic Art Database,

Walk to the Mosque

If a person walks to Jummah prayer, for every step he will have the reward of fasting and praying qiyaam for one year.

OR just walk to the mosque because that's what the prophet did even though he had a camel to ride. :)

Durood for Prophet
Durood for Prophet via Internet Islamic Art Database,

Durood for Prophet

It is strongly recommended to say: Allahumma salli alaa muhammadinin nabiyyil ummiyyi wa-ala aalihi wasallim tasleema as much as possible on Fridays.

Translation: O Allah bless Muhammad, the unlettered Prophet, and his family and grant them best of peace. (Jame Sagheer)

Do them all consistently
Do them all consistently via Internet Islamic Art Database,

Do them all consistently

Ibn al-Qayyim (Ra) said in Zaad al-MaĆ¢’aad, 1/285:

Finally after quoting the hadith which speak of the virtues of Jummah prayer:

What we have quoted, when taken all together, indicates that the expiation of sins from one Friday to the next is subject to all the conditions mentioned above being met, namely doing Ghusl, cleaning oneself, putting on perfume, wearing one's best clothes, walking in a calm and dignified manner, not stepping over people, not pushing between two people, not offending others, praying nafil prayers, listening attentively and avoiding idle speech.

May Allah give us the ability to act upon all of these virtuous deeds and Sunnah of Rasulallah (Pbuh). Ameen



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