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6 of the strangest dating sites on the internet

7 strangest dating sites
7 strangest dating sites
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In an era where everything and everyone is connected to the internet at all times, its easy to take for granted just how big the world is. The average person today will talk to or at least be aware of a bigger number of people than the average person in the 1800s could even fathom. With the whole world at one's fingertips it can be more discouraging than ever before when you find you can't seem to find a date.

As awesome as Netflix is (seriously, what more from a significant other do you need?) take and a romantic adventure to a dating site and check what they have to offer. Find a nice date, dress up and go out for a nice dinner...just maybe stay away from the sites featured on this list, it’s probably safer for everyone that way.

Everyone feels like there's no one for them at least once, but once you take a look at these hilarious dating sites you'll feel a whole lot better about your chances. Keep in mind that this is a small sampling of the pure romance gold that's currently floating around the ether of the inter-webs and there is so much more out there to be discovered through a little Google magic.

If you’re happy with the single life as some of us are, this list will only enforce the comfort in your decision to keep rolling solo for awhile and maintain every last bit of that sweet single life freedom. Either way sit back, relax and check out this list featuring 7 of the strangest online dating sites the internet has to offer. Wikipedia

For those that don't know what a Brony is, consider yourself very lucky. A Brony is a self-proclaimed male fan of the children's show 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'. Of course, there's nothing inherently wrong with that- anyone is allowed to like whatever they want regardless of gender. Bronies have occupied a level of toxicity not seen since the dawn of Reddit. Rampantly sexist, vulgar and a tendency to over sexualize a kid's show the Bronies have successfully made it impossible for young girls (the intended audience) even Google this show. So what better idea than to give them a platform to date and procreate? Gross. Getty Images

Need to get Mom or Dad out of the house? Concerned about how much they're getting laid? My Lovely Parent is a dating website where kids can set up and online dating profile for their parents. Put yourself in a suspension of disbelief where this isn't a gross betrayal of someone's trust and privacy and imagine all the hot dates you could score for your overbearing, nagging Mom, Dad or both. What better way to get them out of your hair than to deposit them directly into somebody else's? By the way Mom you have a date with someone you've never met or heard of before tonight, have fun! Wikipedia

Everybody remembers the Goth kids back in high school and everyone remembers how they only ever dated each other, so someone had the brilliant idea to start up a Goth dating site. The homepage is decorated with everything from model of the month to a smattering of success stories. The site makes sure to state that its inclusive to both Goths and Emos on the site but no official statement on Punks or Hipsters as of yet. Wikipedia

Delving further into weird internet culture, we have to cover the phenomena known as Furries. The Furries are a sub-culture that is characterized by its unusual love of anthropomorphic creatures. Most furries enjoy donning a fursuit- think baseball mascot costume- and doing sexual things with other people in fursuits. There's everything from fanart and fanfic to full blown conventions surrounding furry culture and now there's a dating site for it. Wikipedia

Diaper Mates is dating site that caters directly to the needs of singles who like to wear adult diapers in their free time. Let us make very clear that this site isn't for adults who need to use adult diapers due to illness or injury but by people who wear them by choice.The site's homepage boasts being “The largest free personals community for Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers” with over 24,000 active users. An Adult Baby is someone who finds pleasure in acting like and infant and being cared for in every way from being fed to being cleaned because who doesn't want to date someone that's literally dependent in every imaginable way. Flickr

Do you love a little business in the front and a whole slammin' party in the back? Sign up at Mullet Passions and gain access to hundreds- nay, thousands of profiles sporting some sweet, sweet mullet action. From sleek and sexy razor-cut mullets to scruffy down-home Dirty South mullets it’s virtually impossible not to find your mullet mate on this site. Popular first date ideas on the site include Brad Paisley concerts and drinking Budweiser in the back of a pickup truck on summer nights.

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