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6 things you can learn from March 25, 2014

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Top news for local headlines this day in history ends with the Governor.

Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday signed a bill inspired by a Wichita mother and written by a Wichita senator to toughen the rules for notifying crime victims and their families when prison officials plan to release the person who committed a crime against them.

Top news for national headlines this day in history lies with President's Obama.

BREAKING NEWS: The Obama administration will grant extra time to Americans who say they are unable to enroll in health care plans through the federal insurance marketplace by the deadline set for the end of March, Fox News confirms.

I would like to welcome you to another day with Seekers Of Truth. It is a daily adventure that makes the every day mundane an exciting challenge. These small exercises are made to supplement the mind body and soul. As you participate in the daily challenges they will begin strengthen your resolve to live a fuller life. You will collect points that will promote little changes everyday. The repetition produces good habits that in turn begin to balance our busy spiraling lives. This balance creates a clarity that make us fine tuned instruments receptive to receive truth. The truth will set you free. Through experience we will then be able to tackle the more difficult questions in life that stem from our origin to our end.

Go to Seekers of the Truth Facebook page and follow to receive daily exercises and challenges that accrue points.

Morning Watch
Morning Watch Alfred DaCosta

Morning Watch

It's early and that warm nest spot you spent 8hrs making is now complete. As you stumble around in the dark, feel around for a good spot to kneel. Put your agenda in God's hands. Collect 2 points after your prayer by approving this post.

Benefit of the doubt
Benefit of the doubt Alfred DaCosta

Benefit of the doubt

When someone treats you with utter disdain or glances your direction disgustedly as if you taste funny, the popular terminology for this behavior is called "booshie." Sometimes we jump to conclusions thinking they don't like you because you are brown, or because you are beautiful. Or for no reason at all. Collect 2 points by giving the benefit of the doubt.

Eat Kale
Eat Kale Alfred DaCosta

Eat Kale

Pause for prayer in the middle of your day. Reflect on what God has done so far for you today. You're halfway there. Then for two points substitute the lettuce on your sandwich with kale! Someone on the Internet says it contains 687% vitamin K. Vitamin K helps fight cancer.

Tempting Alfred DaCosta


Tempted to give up? Tired? At war with the flesh? Tempted to lie, cheat,steal or kill? Hang in there you are almost there. Sometimes it is nice to surround yourself with people who fight the good fight like you do. Claim 2 pts by reading the verse and encouraging a friend.1Pet 5:8-10

Cook Dinner
Cook Dinner Alfred DaCosta

Cook Dinner

Mom and possibly dad just got off of work. You have been out of school since 3pm. Who is going to cook? Maybe you could,to help them out for 2 points.

Reflect Alfred DaCosta


Prayer is a strange thing. Closing your eyes, kneeling. As you do these things, take a deep breath. Share your thoughts with the Creator. Fast forward through the images of your day. Slow it down at the tough parts, the funny parts, the merciful parts. If you don't know what to say after that learn in Matt 6:9-13 for 2 pts.

Study Lesson
Study Lesson Alfred DaCosta

Study Lesson

After your show, make a little room to study your lesson. Hopefully you are finished with your homework. Here is the link:



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