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5 wrestlers who portrayed vampires

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It's no wonder that since vampires have been popular that professional wrestling has cashed in on it. Mixing horror and wrestling has been a popular subject just look at such wrestlers like the Undertaker, Kane, so this list is looking at wrestlers who have taken on the vampire persona.

Vampires have taken over movies, books, music, so it's no wonder that it somewhat got it's shine in sports. These wrestlers on the list dressed like the undead, drank blood (well fake, we think?) and some even had the teeth to match.

These cult wrestlers had their own cult following. Fans find them different and fun, they weren't the clean-cut wrestlers, they were sometimes gruesome, freaky, and cool!

So these five wrestlers have taken on the persona of the creatures of the night.

Which 'vampire' wrestler was your favorite?

Gangrel Tabercil/Wikimedia Commons


Gangrel (David Heath) bought vampires to the WWF Attitude Era. He was a singles wrestler, but he also was in the group the Brood, that had members Edge and Christian. He also hung out with the Undertaker's faction, Ministry of Darkness, and created short group, the New Breed, that had Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Gangrel liked to come out with a goblet of blood, and as you can notice in the photo, he would spit it towards the crowd. He also did blood bath matches, and other ghoulish things. Definitely was an interesting wrestler!

Heath was also known as Vampire Warrior.

Kevin Thorn
Kevin Thorn Mark Farthing/Wikimedia Commons

Kevin Thorn

When WWE decided to recreate ECW, Kevin Thorn was signed on. Thorn (Kevin Matthew Fertig) portrayed a vampire. His feuds on ECW varied from Balls Mahoney to Stevie Richards. He was also in a group called, the New Breed, they feuded with the original ECW members.

Ariel Mshake3/Wikimedia Commons


Ariel (Shelly Martinez) came to the new ECW brand as a vampire-like character, who read tarot cards. She was aligned with Thorn. She would interfere in his matches to help him win. Ariel feuded with Francine (when Thorn was feuding with Mahoney) and Kelly Kelly. The vamp seer was a lot different than the other divas during her stint under the WWE brand.

Vampiro Croobal


Vampiro fought in many wrestling promotions like the other wrestlers on the list, but his stint in WCW gave him some great matches. Vampiro was in the group Dead Pool, he  feuded with Berlyn, he bought the Misfits to WCW which they started feuding with Oklahoma and Steve Williams. Later on in his career he was partners with Sting, but that didn't last long, they started a feud.

Vampiro liked to do graveyard matches, blood baths, and other other-worldly things. He added Gothic spice to WCW. 

Freddie Blassie
Freddie Blassie Ethan/Wikimedia Commons

Freddie Blassie

Believe it or not but Classy Freddie Blassie had a stint being known as a vampire. One of his nicknames was known as the 'Vampire.' Blassie liked to bit his opponents, and he liked to file his teeth during interviews and promotions.

Blassie, you could say was one of the earlier 'vampire' wrestlers. You could say also that he's a legend for his work in the wrestling universe.