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5 ways to find a job in a new city

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Relocating is a regular occurrence nowadays and has been made easier than ever with job opportunities exploding in the online sector. Moving can provide new challenges for the recently unemployed who may not find their connections and credentials to mean as much in a new city, especially if they hadn't previously lived in a metropolis.

The key to finding a job in a new city lies in being seen. When competing for jobs with hundreds of candidates, it can be hard to make yourself stand out while you’re still trying to feel comfortable in your new setting. Below are five ways to stand out and get hired.

  1. Be Seen - Networking is one of the most important things a job hunter can do. While it can be intimidating for most people, statistics show that 60 percent of all jobs are found through networking. When spending time out in your new city, make sure you are being seen by others. Talk to people at social gatherings and get to know others in your field. Scope out popular hangouts and mingle. Getting to know other professionals is the best way to help you in your job search in your new city.
  2. Be Heard - This advice goes hand in hand with networking. A professional yourself, you are likely to have ideas, suggestions, or even questions about the field you are trying to break into. Talk to those you network with about your own thoughts on the industry. The fact that you are thinking will impress them and catch people's attention.
  3. Utilize Social Networking - According to Fast Company, 93 percent of marketers are using social media for business. Use this statistic to your advantage. Social media is the optimal setting to converse with a business or company that you think you would like to work for, or simply just get to know them. Follow their posts, read up on the company and get your homework done more thoroughly. It will help you come time to apply or interview.
  4. Become a Local - Get to know not only the people, but the city that you now live in. Discussing things like new local restaurants, traffic patterns, regular weather and other things specific to one city will help you when it comes to you networking. Becoming more familiar with the place you live will also help you feel more relaxed and at home and therefore more confident in your own abilities to thrive there. Not to mention you could discover some truly awesome hangouts.
  5. Try Something New - Do something new, color outside the lines. This can mean doing something as small as trying a new cuisine at a restaurant in your new hometown or branching out by applying into an industry that you wouldn't normal reach for. If anything, living in a new place means new horizons and trying something new will give you experience, exposure and possibly the opportunity to meet new people.
Bee Seen
Bee Seen Wikipedia Public Photos

Bee Seen

While it may be intimidating for some, networking in the right circles can boost your visibility in the job market in your new city. Talking to others will spread the word around, and possibly make you some new friends.

Be Heard
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Be Heard

Talk about the ideas and suggestions you may have to make your industry better. Getting your expertise into the ears of potential contacts in networking situations can only help you.

Utilize Social Networking
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Utilize Social Networking

Using social media for networking purposes is a smart move, but also use it to broadcast your expertise. Write and share some articles about your field or comment on current trends.

Become a Local
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Become a Local

Knowing your new city will help you get a foot in the door when it comes to talking to others. Local haunts and restaurants will help you fit the new corporate and local family

Try Something New
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Try Something New

Try something new in your new city that you maybe wouldn't have done in your old one. Who knows, you could discover new contacts and maybe even a new hobby.