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5 Things you will need to win the Great Urban Race

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So you want to win the Great Urban Race, and you think just because you ran some 5k fun run around Town Lake you have what it takes? You think just because you canoed around Zilker for you’re in contention? You think solving some NY Times crossword puzzle at Austin Java on Monday prepares you for solving clues? Well we’ve got news for you: If really want to win, you’ve got to come in first, or more specifically, you’ve got to come in F.I.R.S.T.

Read on for the best ways to prepare for Austin's Great Urban Race on Feb. 8. See the list here.

Bold and adventurous spirits in Austin can sign up for The Great Urban Race here to compete against other teams in the ultimate test of physical and mental abilities.



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Identity iStock


A team’s identity demonstrates who they are just as much as it determines where they will place. Anyone can roll though Target, pick up a couple of pink shirts and call that a team costume. Have fun being forgotten. Now think about the respect commanded by the team who just ran the whole race in storm trooper costumes. Win, lose, or otherwise you’ll remember them. That’s why the team uniform is key. Past team costumes include MarioKarts, bridal parties and even the occasional cross-dressing. Whatever you do, own it. 

Fuel iStock


The nutrition you use to fuel your team can be as important as your running shoes, and let’s face it, you live in Austin so it’s inevitable you’re eating breakfast tacos. But where should you go? Everyone loves Juan in a Million, but if you’re trying to power through a 6,000 calorie Don Juan you might as well line your sports bra with lead. Maybe El Chilito would be a good idea? They’re cheap, tasty, and there’s that burnt tomato mystery sauce. No. Are you really fixing to gamble on black beans and chorizo at a time like this? Not today junior, this is too important. The right answer, of course, is Taco Deli. Let’s break it down. You’re getting Mexican Mashed Potatoes, a solid starch for energy that’s mashed so it won’t fill you up.  If you need a pre-race cocktail to go with those spuds, reach for a BACARDÍ OakHeart® and coke. Developed in tribute to the modern day adventurer, BACARDÍ OakHeart® is a natural partner for The Great Urban Race, where teams tackle physical and mental challenges during this adventure-based competition.

Now you’re starting your day with more variety, your mind is opening up, and you’re seeing options you never knew were there. And you thought breakfast was going to be an easy choice! 

Respect iStock


Mutual respect for your teammate could mean the difference between sharing a BACARDĺ Oak and coke at the finish line and choking down a jalapeno ghost pepper alone on Dirty 6th. It all starts with choosing the right teammate. Find someone with whom you can collaborate with freely and won’t be too mad if you have to throw frosting and sprinkles at his face (actual challenge from the San Diego, Great Urban Race).

Support iStock


Talk to any race winner and you’ll find that each has a support team of family and friends helping them solve clues and plan the route. Manning computers from their respective homes allows your support team to solve puzzles faster and find the most efficient race route. Nothing is worse than backtracking after you ran by a location. Your team can also be solving the more fickle clues while you’re running. So treat your mom to dinner at Snack Bar or pick up case of Fireman’s 4 for your roommate because it’s go time.

Tag iStock


So you fueled up, you look good, you picked a great teammate and you made nice with your support team. One last question: Why are you here? Everyone wants to win, but a proper tagline galvanizes your whole crew. What’s a good tag? Our tagline is: “Have Fun, Don’t Quit, Win.” Any activity worth doing has got to be fun. Taking quitting out of the equation shifts your focus from if you’ll finish to when you’ll finish. A positive mindset like that is everything.

Last but not least...
Last but not least... iStock

Last but not least...

Finally, and most importantly, win. Obviously only one team will win the Austin Great Urban Race, but there are plenty of other wins to be had. Some strive to cross the finish line to enjoy the free food and BACARDÍ OakHeart® cocktails that will be served at the post-race after party. Still others might compete to win Most Enthusiastic Team of Mothers. However you choose to compete, find your team’s strength, go out there, and win.

Bold and adventurous spirits in Austin can sign up for The Great Urban Race here to compete against other teams in the ultimate test of physical and mental abilities.


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