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5 Things the GOP Must Do to Win the Senate

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The Republicans have the same opportunity to win the senate this year as they did when they captured the congress in 2010. The president’s approval rating remains relatively low and there’s enough scandals to go around.
So what does the GOP need to do to win the senate this fall?

1. Stop the infighting. GOP leaders need to reign in their compulsive remarks about those in their party that are not towing the line.

2. Stop making concessions to an already unpopular president. When someone wins “biggest lie of the year” aka “You can keep your doctor..” there’s no need to promise not to change anything about their signature accomplishment.

3. Stick to economic issues and a plan to create jobs.

4. Stand up to unfounded emotional charges of wars on women, gays and minorities.

5. Lay out a plan to reduce the debt while offering a people a realistic way out of being stuck in a permanent underclass.

It’s true that things currently look pretty good for the GOP come fall.

However, just as in professional sports, teams that sit back and simply try to run out the clock can find themselves in a riveting finish.

By implementing the steps above that won’t be necessary in November.

Jphn Boehner
Jphn Boehner Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Jphn Boehner

Clearly the Speaker believes that silence is the key to victory in the fall. He has publicly chastised those in his party that refuse to go along with his plan. To win in November, the GOP must unite. 

President has critics abroad too
President has critics abroad too Dondi Tawatao/Getty Images

President has critics abroad too

President Obama has a very low approval rating. The GOP is confusing many by promising not to oppose his plans for immigration as well as refusing to say they will repeal and replace the ACA. 

Can the GOP win over women?
Can the GOP win over women? Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images

Can the GOP win over women?

The democrats have been successful with their divide and conquer approach aka the "War on Women" storyline. Why won't the GOP call them out?