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5 things people fear most about aging

Shredded Finances
Shredded Finances
Hannelore Foerster/Getty Images

Worried about getting older?

Well you're not alone. There are a lot of baby boomers who are concerned about how they will fare in their last season of life. The fear of aging is not a new thing. Remember Ponce De Leon and his search for the Fountain of Youth all because he was fearful of aging.

Down through the ages people of every century have tried to find ways to ward off the aging process. All have failed or they would still be here to brag about their success.

Today billions of dollars are spent on products or procedures which supposedly help erase years off the face and body. The hope of a younger looking body will equal a whole new outlook on the aging process. In the end time still marches on and the years roll pass and we find ourselves looking at more years behind and less years ahead. These are the times when many of us grow fearful:

  • Of not being financially able to make through retirement.
  • Of becoming a burden on our families because of some ailment or disease.
  • Of growing less useful as a member of society.
  • Of contracting a life altering disease such as Alzheimer disease.
  • Of being lonely when one of our partners dies, or leaving our partner lonely when we pass.

The reason old age can be so fearful is because even with all the planning before we get there, the unexpected can happen and throw all our plans out the window.

Still old age does not be a time of fear but a time to pass on the legacies we have learned to others. It is a time to enjoy each day and hold onto life as much as possible.

The key to living out our years is to plan but also to realize plans may need to be changed.

Shredded Finances
Shredded Finances Hannelore Foerster/Getty Images

Shredded Finances

One of greatest concerns of those who are approaching retirement is having enough money to actually be able to retire. When the crash of 2008 came many boomers lost large portions of their retirement accounts, adding years onto the time they will need to work just to survive..

There is no need to panic. Start as soon as possible to put a little bit away. Each dollar saved will go a long way in padding your savings dollars. Also take the time to learn to live more frugally in order to stretch retirement funds.

Lack of Usefulness
Lack of Usefulness Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Lack of Usefulness

As we age we can become fearful that we are no longer a productive member of society.

In days go by the older members of society were the wisdom bearers for the young. Today, however those who aged are considered past their prime and no longer useful as wisdom bearers.

As we age we need to remind those around us we still have a lot of wisdom even if we aren't up on modern technology. A good start is write down all you know had have learned and pass it on others.

Burden on Others
Burden on Others Theo Heimann/Getty Images

Burden on Others

As we age there is going to come a time when we can no longer care for ourselves. Even if live out our years at home, we may still need help or someone to check up on us.

This is the time when it seems we are fearful of becoming a burden on others.

The key to being less of a burden when we grown older is to sit down and plan out the later years of life with your family. Put into writing the steps which will need to be taken and the outcomes of each step.

Diseases Andrew Burton/Getty Images


Old age is a time when our bodies can succumb to effects of aging. Diseases can, like Alzheimer and cancer can ravage the bodies and lead to our being dependent of others.

Of course the key to warding off any disease is to take care of yourself both by exercising your body and mind.

Loneliness and death
Loneliness and death

Loneliness and death

One of the chief fears of growing older is that death will remove from our lives those we love, especially our marriage partners.

In order to take some of the fear away make sure to build friendships outside of marriage or family. People who can stand by your side when the time comes.