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5 things New Zealand is famous for

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New Zealand is an island nation in the Australian continent that is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Geographically, the country encompasses two main landmasses called the North Island and the South Island. In total, New Zealand is 103,483 square miles and has a population of 4,509,461. Its currency is the New Zealand dollar, the official language is English (Maori and sign language are also recognized), and its climate is generally good. The capitol city is Wellington but the biggest city is Auckland. The national anthem is “God Defend New Zealand.”

New Zealand is very remote and it was one of the last landmasses to be settled by humans. Presently, most New Zealanders have European ancestry but there is still a substantial population of native Maori peoples. The quality of life in New Zealand—a first world nation—is high and it is considered a relaxing retreat among tourists.

New Zealand is also well-known for the many distinctive plants and animals that exist within its borders. One of the most famous creatures that is authentically New Zealand is the kiwi bird. The kiwi is an adorable and flightless ground-dwelling bird that has become iconic of New Zealand as a whole. The bird is so beloved by people that New Zealanders proudly call themselves “kiwis.”

Below are five things that are associated with New Zealand:

Kiwis Hannah Peters/Getty Images


Kiwi birds are cute and flightless creatures that dwell on the ground. They eat seeds and fruits and can be quite comfortable around people if they live in inhabited areas. Although kiwis are only about the size of a chicken they lay the biggest eggs (in proportion to their size) of any bird!

Maori Jason Oxenham/Getty Images


The Maori tribe are the indigenous people of New Zealand. The Maori have their own unique language, mythology and crafts. They are also notable for the body art tattoos that many wear, especially on the face.

Mount Cook
Mount Cook Barry Harcourt/Getty Images

Mount Cook

Mount Cook, also known as “Aoraki,” is the highest mountain in New Zealand that reaches 12,218 feet at the highest point. It is both a tourist destination and a challenge to rock climbers.

Abel Tasman National Park
Abel Tasman National Park Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park is a National Park is New Zealand that is highly regarded for its beautiful scenery and conservation efforts. It encompasses 55,699 acres which makes it the smallest of New Zealand’s parks (it is only 87 square miles) yet what it lacks in size it makes up for in beauty!

Queenstown Phil Walter/Getty Images


Queenstown is a resort town in New Zealand that is full of lakes and other lovely scenery that makes it very popular among tourists. It encompasses a total of 3,361.01 square miles of land. It has many golf courses within its territory.



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