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5 Surprising quotes on Islam by celebrities

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Today's political climate aside there are an affirming number of individuals with positive things to say about Islam, the fastest growing religion in the west, coming from the rich and famous.

From royal families to singers and songwriters, check out the list to learn what interesting things they have said on the topic of Muslims, Islam or Allah. It may pleasantly surprise you.

We hope the featured list may prompt other celebrities to do their 'Religious Studies' homework. One love!

Beyonce on Muslim Women (Egypt)
Beyonce on Muslim Women (Egypt) Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Beyonce on Muslim Women (Egypt)

"During our November 9th, 2009 show at Port Ghalib in Egypt, something happened that inspired some of my writing for my album 4 (arriving in a few weeks). I was in the middle of performing “Irreplaceable,” and as the audience started singing “to the left, to the left” there was a woman sitting on top of a man’s shoulders in her full, traditional burka. Only her eyes and hands were visible.

So her presence alone was so moving. Witnessing the power, beauty, and strength of women. I felt she had her beliefs, and they were important to her, but music also had a place in her life and she made a choice to be there." -Beyonce Knowles

Prince Charles loving on Islam's eco stance
Prince Charles loving on Islam's eco stance WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Charles loving on Islam's eco stance

Prince Charles urged the world to follow Islamic 'spiritual principles' in order to protect the environment.
"In an hour-long speech, the heir to the throne argued that man's destruction of the world was contrary to the scriptures of all religions - but particularly those of Islam.
He said the current 'division' between man and nature had been caused not just by industrialisation, but also by our attitude to the environment - which goes against the grain of 'sacred traditions'."

June 2010 Read more:


Chris Martin knows Allah
Chris Martin knows Allah Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Chris Martin knows Allah

While not quite raving about Islam, Chris Martin knows about the religion and seems to show due respect to the practice as well as other religious practices.

In a 2005 Rolling Stone magazine interview, Martin said of his religious views: "I definitely believe in God. How can you look at anything and not be overwhelmed by the miraculousness of it? In the same interview he spoke of going through a period of spiritual confusion, stating "I went through a weird patch, starting when I was about sixteen to twenty-two, of getting God, religion, superstition, judgement all confused".[44] In a 2008 interview he said, "I'm always trying to work out what 'He' or 'She' is. I don't know if it's Allah or Jesus or Mohammed or Zeus...

Following the interview, he released a text message declaring himself an "all-theist", a word of his invention meaning that he believes in "everything".

Most recently he quotes a Sufi mystic helping him to realize how not to let the things that have happened in your past affect your present and your future and not wanting incidents in his past to "drag you down".

Yuna on Islam in the west
Yuna on Islam in the west Courtesy of Ashely Di Buduo

Yuna on Islam in the west

Singer and songwriter Yuna Zarai left her native Malaysia to follow her blossoming career in LA. 

She has been quoted as saying:

Coming out to the 'Western World' it's really weird to see how people react to it. 'Oh wow she's Muslim and she's not like that -- she's not like this'. But I think you know the world is becoming a bit smaller and people are getting smarter I feel.


Russell Brand reading Quran book under Hollywood sign
Russell Brand reading Quran book under Hollywood sign

Russell Brand reading Quran book under Hollywood sign

While most celebs generally to stay silent, Russell Brand has made an effort to stand up against the negative, preconceived notions regarding the Muslim community.

In the wake of the barbaric beheading of a soldier in London, Brand wrote an essay in The Sun called, "Blame this on madness...not Muslims."

Photo features Brand reading an English translation of the Holy Quran under the Hollywood sign in 2013.