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5 Reasons you should be excited for 'Titanfall'

Titanfall offers some awesome new ways to play
Titanfall offers some awesome new ways to playRespawn Entertainment

There's no doubting that first person shooters are incredibly popular, though many gamers seem to have grown tired of seeing so many similar titles on the market. Call of Duty rules this genre with its yearly releases, and other titles like Battlefield pick up the slack with the remaining demographic. While breaking into an established genre with a new IP isn't an easy task, Respawn Entertainment hopes to do exactly that when Titanfall launches later this month. This online shooter wowed audiences when it made its debut at Microsoft's E3 conference last year, and took home the award for Most Anticipated Game at last year's Video Game Awards.

For those of you who may not have heard much about this upcoming title, we've compiled a list of five reasons why you should definitely be excited for Titanfall, which launches for the Xbox One and PC on March 11th. Xbox 360 owners will have to wait a little while longer for their version's March 25th release date.

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A rich story woven into multiplayer gameplay
A rich story woven into multiplayer gameplay Respawn Entertainment

A rich story woven into multiplayer gameplay

The single player campaign isn't usually considered the main appeal of a first person shooter, as online multiplayer has become increasingly more popular over the years. That said, one of the issues some people seem to have with Titanfall is that it won't feature a single player campaign or a dedicated story mode. Many gamers may worry that the game's plot and lore will be swept aside in favor of focusing sole attention on combat.

Respawn Entertainment has already established that the game's plot will be integrated into the gameplay, with characters occasionally speaking with the player through a digital interface. Judging by the pre-release material, namely the trailers that show off the different Titan designs, the game will feature a universe rich in details for players to discover. We're looking forward to exploring this brand new world, and wonder how the giant, Lovecraftian creatures that stalk the background of some locations will factor into all of this.

New developer built by industry vets
New developer built by industry vets Respawn Entertainment

New developer built by industry vets

Titanfall may be a new IP, but the people responsible for it have some serious credentials under their belt. It is being developed by Respawn Entertainment, which was formed back in 2010 by Jason West and Vince Zampella, both of whom helped co-found Infinity Ward. They also helped create the hugely successful Call of Duty franchise, so it's clear that they know how to handle this genre. The fact that they brought several of Infinity's team members along with them is a definite plus.

A new IP like Titanfall has the ability to let this experienced team step away from traditions so they can start off with fresh new ideas. It may be a big risk trying to break into such an established market this late in the game, but if anyone can pull it off, it should be Respawn.

Titans built for any gamer
Titans built for any gamer Respawn Entertainment

Titans built for any gamer

What immediately sets Titanfall apart from other shooters is its use of battle mechs known as Titans. Players can jump inside one of these machines and blast away at their opponents with a bit more force than standard weaponry has to offer. Getting into a Titan offers a completely new way to play, and can be used at the player's discretion. Jumping in and out of a Titan takes only a few seconds, without the need to leave the battle, which means players can remain within the high-octane action at all times.

Three different Titans have been confirmed for Titanfall. The Ogre is slow to move, but offers incredible offense and defensive capabilities. It's the closest to being a 'tank'. On the other hand, the Stryder focuses on speed and agility, which will help players dodge attacks, whether the threat is another Titan or a player running on foot. The third class is the Atlas, which is the 'average' Titan. Its speed and durability are both adequate, though it may not excel at any particular attribute like the others.

Explore levels like never before
Explore levels like never before Respawn Entertainment

Explore levels like never before

Of course, the Titans are far from the only unique gameplay element that Respawn is bringing to the table with Titanfall. This game will also feature parkour elements in a similar vein to games like Mirror's Edge. Players who choose to spend their time on foot will have the ability to run across walls and double jump over long gaps. This adds another dimension to the battlefield, where players will have to look above, below and around them for potential threats.

Players will also have to wait up to two minutes before their Titan spawns, though this timer can be reduced with successful kills. This means players will be spending a lot of time on the ground, getting to know the limits of their character's movements. Having so many ways to move throughout the level will lead to some intense matches.

Play, adapt, conquer
Play, adapt, conquer Respawn Entertainment

Play, adapt, conquer

The biggest reason to be excited for Titanfall isn't one of the four we've mentioned already, but rather how they may combine to make one of the most unique FPS titles we've seen. Other games in the genre may offer different strategies based on weapon loadouts and level design, but Titanfall takes it one step further with the ability to move about and explore levels in ways we've never seen before. Jumping in and out of Titans is a game changer, and many strategies might be centered around trying to balance between mech and foot battles.

Several fans of the beta have stated that it took them about an hour to get used to this title's unique features. This means that there's plenty to learn for hardcore Call of Duty fans and newbies alike. This fresh start may be what some fans who are tired of the same old song and dance desperately need.