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5 Reasons Why Void Expanse Should Be On Your Radar

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Void Expanse is an upcoming “space-crawler” action RPG for the PC. I got a chance to play the early alpha build of the game to check out some features that have been implemented. It should be noted that every negative comment I say about Void Expanse is something that will most likely be fixed or changed in the final build of the game. Alpha comes before Beta folks, and the build was very rough and kind of empty, but that is to be expected. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed what I played and I am looking forward to future builds when more content is added.

You can find all the information about Void Expanse on Atomic Torch's website or the game's website This certainly is a game to look out for PC players. Here are the 5 Reasons Why Void Expanse Should Be On Your Radar.

Potential Replay Value
Potential Replay Value Atomic Torch

Potential Replay Value

Every world is generated by a seed value, like games such as Minecraft and Terraria. This means you can play the game as many times as you want and still have different experiences. With different classes to choose from and factions to join, it could end up taking hundreds of hours to see everything Void Expanse has to offer. And that is just the impression I gathered from the Alpha stage of the game. Games these days need a reason for you to keep playing, mainly because new releases are so few and far between.

Dungeon Crawling on a Massive Scale
Dungeon Crawling on a Massive Scale Atomic Torch

Dungeon Crawling on a Massive Scale

Who doesn't love a good action RPG? Especially dungeon crawlers. While the market is pretty set in stone with games like Torchlight, and Diablo III. There are still nuggets of awesome in the genre being released. Void Expanse wants to give you more than just a glorified spelunking job. It wants to give you an experience like no other. Explore, mine, fight, and become the rogue space explorer you have always dreamt about as a kid. It has all the great parts of an action rpg but on a bigger scale, and with cool ships. It is pretty hard to argue against that kind of logic.

Sci-Fi Appeal in a Medieval World
Sci-Fi Appeal in a Medieval World Atomic Torch

Sci-Fi Appeal in a Medieval World

There is no denying that games like Dark Souls made swords and shield more badass. If you look at the upcoming games in the action rpg genre you would notice that they are all located in one era, Medieval. While this is not a bad thing, it is getting a bit stale. Swords and Monsters are cool, but right now, lasers and aliens seem like a breath of fresh air. Void Expanse offers just that.

Customization Atomic Torch


You get to customize your ship through parts you find and buy and quite frankly, this could be the most fun you have in the game. Designing your own space ship is super fun and not many games these days allow you that kind of freedom. Sure you can use new blueprints in games like FTL but this game allows you to see your ship slowly evolving as you get deeper into the darkness of space. It is a feeling I have yet to find.

Explore In Space
Explore In Space Atomic Torch

Explore In Space

There are plenty of 4X space strategy games on the market. Some are good, most are bad and flooded with mechanics too deep to be thrown at you in the start of the game. Their pacing is horrible, thus making the game feel too much to handle in the early stages. Void Expanse currently has this problem, however, the build I have been playing is in Alpha testing, so everything I played could be subject to change in the final build. Void Expanse gives you the freedom of exploring space with none of the turn based, complicated mechanics that 4X strategy games give you.


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