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5 Reasons to over prepare for an interview

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You can never over prepare for an interview. Start by knowing your own skills, work history, education and industry in general.

Whether you are looking to keep your job, grow in your career, or find a new job it is important to take your job and/or career seriously.

Is your job safe?
Is your job safe? Mary Sherwood Sevinsky

Is your job safe?

Think you have nothing to worry about?  Think again!  No one’s position is safe in today’s mercurial economy.
One of my friend’s husbands commented in person once, “I wish I had something I was as passionate about as you.” 
I thanked him rather than ask, you have a job too – you aren’t passionate about that? About finding a new one at least? Nothing?

Be Ready
Be Ready Mary Sherwood Sevinsky

Be Ready

Always have a current resume ready to go with a minimum of editing for a given job or employer.  Be familiar with the wording and be able to explain each sentence.  
What do you like and dislike about your current job? Previous jobs?  What did you accomplish at each? What were your challenges? 
What are you looking for in your next job and how will you benefit your next employer?

Read Up!
Read Up! Mary Sherwood Sevinsky

Read Up!

Review articles and books about how to answer interview questions in your field and in general.  A brief list follows this article.
It may seem unnecessary, but it isn’t - write answers you want to practice and edit them with a critical eye to get started. 
Then practice with someone asking the questions as an employer would. The phone will do for now.  You may need to do this more than once.

Practice Makes Perfect
Practice Makes Perfect Mary Sherwood Sevinsky

Practice Makes Perfect

Before the interview practice in person, if possible, and dress as you will for your interview. Hire a professional if possible.
Typically it doesn’t cost too much and it is worth the few dollars you will spend.
If not, practice with someone whose opinion and judgment you trust.

Be a know it all
Be a know it all Mary Sherwood Sevinsky

Be a know it all

By preparing, even over-preparing, you will gain a feeling of mastery that can help you perform your best in an interview by giving you a boost to your self-confidence. 
Know the company, job, your resume and your career goals inside and out and practice answering every interview question that applies….Good Luck!



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