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5 reasons to attend the Total You Women's Wellness Summit 2014

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Have you heard about the Total You Women's Wellness Summit (TYWWS) 2014 being hosted at the FirstFitness in Carrollton, TX from Feb. 28 - March 1? Well here is a quick introduction of this two-day power packed event helping women find their purpose while enjoying powerful speakers and hosts. The theme of the TYWWS 2014 is ReBirth, ReDefine, and ReEmerge and women will be encouraged to be fit, fabulous and fearless.

Tickets are available online as well as sponsorship and vendor opportunities.

Not sure why you, your friends, your daughters, your nieces or any woman or young girl you know should attend the TYWWS 2014? Well here are 5 reason to attend the Total You Women's Wellness Summit 2014:

It's For a Great Cause
It's For a Great Cause Emily Blue

It's For a Great Cause

The Total You Women's Wellness Summit 2014 will benefit several nonprofits in the Dallas area. The TYWWS is the premiere gathering to empower young ladies and women of all ages, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds with the tools necessary to lead balanced, fulfilling lives on a daily basis.  Ms. Emily Blue, along with the other distinct women who convene the summit, is passionate about individuals becoming well from the inside out.

Total You - The Lip Collection
Total You - The Lip Collection Emily Blue

Total You - The Lip Collection

Total You - The Collection is lip collection created by Celebrity Makeup Artist and CEO/Founder, Bridgett LaDawn (B of Glamour RX Cosmetics for the Total You Women's Wellness Summit. Each color was selected to represent  various looks every woman can display (Classic, Edgy and Natural). 

Special events
Special events Emily Blue

Special events

You will be able to enjoy the Spiritual Wellness Luncheon and Awards Ceremony featuring Best Selling Author of Happy Women Live Better and Successful Women Think Differently and Life Coach Valorie Burton as the keynote speaker will inspire women of all ages. Guests will enjoy hearing powerful testimonies of triumph from the 2014 Revive Award recipients Dr. Estrelita Bruce, Wendy Torres, Cheryl Roseborough, Pastor Margurrite S. Johnson, Chef Cassondra G. Armstrong and Tamera Nalls. 

You will also enjoy a fashion show, Red Carpet Meet and Greet, Ecumenical Breakfast, Fitness, Wellness and Spiritual Sessions and so much more. 

Evening of Elegance, a Red Tie Event
Evening of Elegance, a Red Tie Event Emily Blue

Evening of Elegance, a Red Tie Event

Evening of Elegance Gala a Red Tie Affair hosted by the fabulous Lauren Freeman, president of Lauren Fabulous Firm. The keynote speaker is Robin Valetutto, host of Inside the Game – Chalk Talk with the “Sports Angel” and the Pros on KVCE 1160 AM. Proceeds from this event benefit the Dallas Division of the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Movement. Tables are available at TYWWS 2014.

Keynote Speaker Valorie Burton
Keynote Speaker Valorie Burton Valorie Burton

Keynote Speaker Valorie Burton

You will enjoy hearing from Valorie Burton a bestselling author, speaker, and life coach dedicated to helping people get unstuck and be unstoppable in every area of life. She is the founder of The Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute and has served as a Certified Personal and Executive Coach to hundreds of clients in over 40 states and ten countries. For more than a decade, Valorie’s books, speaking engagements, and coaching resources have helped people make major life changes that are exciting and scary at the same time; be happier and have more fun, even when life seems routine; become strong leaders, navigate office politics, and achieve professional dreams; navigate setbacks and disappointments in a way that makes life better, not bitter; speak up with confidence rather than settling for less; go to sleep at night feeling at peace about decisions; and conquer emotions that cause procrastination, emotional spending, and self-sabotage.



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