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5 reasons men are jealous of Jeremy Meeks

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Jeremy Meeks may be the most popular inmate in a judicial system since O.J. Simpson. On Friday, June 20, 2014, ABC News posted a jailhouse interview with Meeks, who seemed perplexed by his internet fame. Meeks's model-like mugshot has floated around the web since Wednesday, June 18, 2014.

Meeks, who is facing charges for illegal weapons possession, was informed by his wife that he was an internet sensation. Meeks seemingly had little interest in his popularity. Many other men, however, have grit their teeth and furrowed their brows at the reactions of women across the world.

Disgruntled male observers began a campaign against Meeks and his model-like looks, labeling women "desperate and vulnerable" and creating rumors regarding Meeks's sexuality. Someone has gone so far as to use photos of Meeks and a man identified as his brother in a meme suggesting Meeks does not like women. This has not stopped women from drooling over Meeks's mugshot.

At the core of this unadulterated bashing is the old green-eyed monster. Meeks and his icy eyes have caused jealousy to rear its ugly head among the male population, but why? Why are men jealous of a man who is facing a $900,000.00 bond, separated from his family, and looking at some real hard prison time?

Here are five reasons men are jealous of Jeremy Meeks...

Meeks is photogenically hot
Meeks is photogenically hot Web

Meeks is photogenically hot

Meeks is hot. From his piercing gray (or blue) eyes to his chiseled jawline and full lips, Meeks is unquestionably pleasing to the eyes. His looks, and the reaction to them, have caused even the most confident of men to quake a little in their egotistical boots. Anytime a man can turn the heads of so many women, other fellas start to get a little envious.

Exceptionally good looking people tend to make others feel slightly inadequate.

Meeks is the male version of Kim K. West
Meeks is the male version of Kim K. West Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Meeks is the male version of Kim K. West

There's no doubt that Jeremy Meeks does not have the past of a choir boy, but seriously...women do not care. He is eye-candy. Meeks is to women as Kim K. is to men.  A "trashy" past, but easy on the eyes. Women cannot fathom how a man could want a woman who has been having sex since she hit puberty, and on camera to boot. Men cannot fathom how women could fawn after a man like Meeks, who is currently sitting in jail. The simple answer: lust is instinctive and irrational.

People get mad when nice things happen to not so nice people.

Meeks exemplifies how "nice guys finish last"
Meeks exemplifies how "nice guys finish last" Jerod Harris

Meeks exemplifies how "nice guys finish last"

Here we go again. Men are in a tizzy because the bad boy is getting all of the attention. They are lamenting how women jump at the chance to be with a guy who will beat them, rape them, or kill them...assuming that Meeks is this type of guy and that women actually want to be with him other than for lustful reasons. Meanwhile, good guys, like the complainers, have to come to the rescue when these "idiotic women" get their hearts broken by the bad guy. Meeks is a nice guy's worst alleged criminal who droves of women lust after.

Society has lied to men about female sexuality
Society has lied to men about female sexuality ShowBizIreland/Getty Images

Society has lied to men about female sexuality

Newsflash...women get hot and bothered. And this is coming as a surprise to men. Men are shocked and appalled at the way women are foaming at the mouth over a good looking man. Society is to blame for this. Men did not know that women behave "badly" behind closed doors. Men are used to women, who are not openly sexual, abiding by puritanical modes of dating, relating, and mating. Now somehow, Meeks has drawn out the sex kitten in school teachers, moms, and church ladies.

They are members of the female-woman-haters club
They are members of the female-woman-haters club CM licensed from 123RF

They are members of the female-woman-haters club

Some guys are just "haters". They hate anything and anyone who is not beneficial to them. They hate it when someone else gets attention. They hate not being able to control others. They hate women because of every woman in their past. They hate that women are voicing their likes, lusts, and desires. They hate that they don't fit into the popular opinion of what's aesthetically hot to women. They just hate, hate, hate...

You will know a guy is just "hating" when you hear him say things about Meeks like:

  • He's not all that.
  • But he's a felon.
  • He'd better not drop the soap.
  • He'll steal your heart, your car, your big screen...


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