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5 paranormal shows that you can stream on Netflix

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Netflix subscribers who love paranormal things will love this list. The 5 shows range in two categories, reality and fiction. Some of these shows even will make you relive some of your old favorites. The list doesn't mean their the best on the site (though some are) but it does mean they are entertaining to watch. Who doesn't like a good scare that is between 30 minutes and 1 hour? You won't have to watch just a horror movies to get goosebumps!

Before you read the list think about what make a good paranormal TV show? It doesn't just have to be about ghosts either, for this writer a good paranormal show has it all, aliens, Bigfoot, vampires, werewolves, the Jersey Devil, the Dover Demon, and everything that is just out of this world, that's not 'normal.'

So now that you're in the mindset of what's paranormal, take a peek at the list and if you have a Netflix account (or you can find these shows in other places of course) take some time to watch these out of the world TV shows from reality ghost shows to shows trying to find the truth to aliens.

What's your favorite paranormal TV show?

"The X-Files"
"The X-Files" Wikimedia Commons

"The X-Files"

Netflix has 9 seasons of "The X-Files" which works out for the obsessed fan. "The X-Files," was about two agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who solved crimes that weren't always so normal. While Scully would always try to think the possible, Mulder would always see the case as something paranormal. They had a good chemistry though and besides the creepy plots, that's what made the show, was these two memorable characters.

The show had plenty of alien conspiracy theories, vampires, evil computers, killer bugs, Jersey Devils, psychics, serial killers, werewolves, okay it had everything that was out of this world. "The X-Files," is still one of those shows that you just have to watch or in many peoples cases re-watch!

Ghost Hunters International
Ghost Hunters International Wikimedia Commons

Ghost Hunters International

While Netflix doesn't have "Ghost Hunters" it does have "Ghost Hunters International" which Netflix has season 2 and 3 of the show. If you like to travel and wondering where all the creepy hotspots then the show works just for that or if you don't want to leave your home but feel like traveling to creepy hotspots watch the show then too.

The paranormal investigators travel to many places such as, Nottingham England which is notorious for it's 123 public executions and torture prisoners, they go to Costa Rica to a 19th Century prison in San Lucas, the real Frankenstein's Castle in Germany, and many other places that are haunted by restless spirits. 


Lost Tapes
Lost Tapes Wikimedia Commons

Lost Tapes

Remember when Animal Planet aired a show called, "Lost Tapes?" It last for 3 seasons which Netflix has all of the seasons. The show would show the viewer "found footage," that captured creepy cryptozoological creatures like the lizard man, vampires, Bear Lake Monster, Dover Demon and Beast of Bray Road.

The show is a little cheesy but some of the episode are down right weird like the wendigo story that was a pretty intense one. It's a graphic show too that doesn't skimp out on the horror especially with the strigoi episode. Also the show does have investigators, scientists talk about the legends and lore of the 'animals' in between the fictitious stories. "Lost Tapes," is between 30 minutes long so if you're looking for a fast scare it works pretty well.

"The Twilight Zone"
"The Twilight Zone" Wikimedia Commons

"The Twilight Zone"

"The Twilight Zone," is still one of the best shows that was created. It had some of the best stories ever mixed with sci-fi and supernatural elements, it was always a treat to watch. Netflix has 4 seasons of the show, 1, 2, 3, and 5, it doesn't have number 4.

Anyway, this show had plenty of diverse stories from what happens after nuclear war, futuristic episodes, aliens attacking humans, robots, computers taking control, ghosts, and plenty of other stories. It was and is just a great show to watch.

Also note that Rod Serling's Night Gallery is another show to watch that one had even more paranormal elements!


"Is It Real?"
"Is It Real?" Wikimedia Commons

"Is It Real?"

Nat Geo's "Is It Real?" took a look at paranormal mysteries with a scientific approach to try and great the truth behind the so called unexplainable. Netflix has 3 seasons of the show too which is how many it lasted for.

In it's 3 season run it aired episodes that explain the legends of, crop circles, Bigfoot, ghosts, UFOs, exorcisms, vampires, Bermuda Triangle,  chupacabra, life on mars, Atlantis, and so many more paranormal subjects.

The show had both paranormal experts and skeptical scientists share their theories on the legend. It was an interesting show that gave both sides to every story.