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5 most innovative marketing campaigns of recent years

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When a product is good, the old saying goes that it will sell itself. And while this can sometimes be true, a competitive marketplace and saturated media mean that even the most original product can get lost in the crowd without the help of the right marketing campaign.

Though there a few tried and tested marketing techniques that most companies use, every so often a company will come along and go above and beyond with a new and original idea. Here are some of the most innovative marketing campaigns of the past few years.

Coca-Cola, “The AHH Effect”
Coca-Cola, “The AHH Effect”

Coca-Cola, “The AHH Effect”

The people at Coca-Cola are known, probably more than any other company, for their outstanding marketing department. But their marketers did not create a single shot to their newest marketing campaign, which resulted in a video that is comprised completely of fan-generated work. Aimed at teenagers, they encouraged short video submissions from YouTube users around the world that would then be used for their new TV ad. They received around 400 submissions and generated a great deal of buzz, choosing 40 for the final cut.


Oreo, “Cookie vs. Creme”
Oreo, “Cookie vs. Creme”

Oreo, “Cookie vs. Creme”

As many successful campaigns do, this one started with a SuperBowl ad. The ad invited people to decide which part of the Oreo cookie is the greatest—the cookie or the creme. They then extended it to the public and awaiting social media to get involved by voting on their choice. Furthering this concept, they then had users submit pictures to Instagram or Twitter with #cookiethis or #cremethis attached, and made cookie and creme sculptures out of them, posting the result.


Defensive Driving, “Red Thumb Reminder”
Defensive Driving, “Red Thumb Reminder”

Defensive Driving, “Red Thumb Reminder”

As we can see from the previous campaigns, getting people involved is one key aspect to any successful marketing campaign. When it comes to preventing phone use while driving however, getting people involved is the number one aim of any campaign. Online traffic school Defensive Driving found a way to do this with the Red Thumb Reminder campaign. They encouraged people to remind themselves not to text and drive by painting their thumbnail bright red and then had people submit their pictures on instagram with #redthumbreminder. This encouraged people to not simply say they would not text and drive, but to do something about it.


Sony, Nuance, Mobile Embrace, “Her”
Sony, Nuance, Mobile Embrace, “Her”

Sony, Nuance, Mobile Embrace, “Her”

To mark the release of the movie Her on DVD in Australia, Universal Sony Home Entertainment partnered up with Mobile Embrace and Nuance Communications to bring a unique, voice-activated advertising campaign. It starts with a banner ad for mobile devices that invites users to tap and speak into it. The voice is meant to emulate the operating system from the movie, named “Samantha.” After the user speaks, it will tailor the response to their statement, which allows them to experience a key aspect of the movie firsthand.



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