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5 Marvel heroes who need to be in the cinematic universe NOW!

Who will be next to show up in the cinematic universe?

If you haven't heard by now, Disney and Marvel studios are planning films for their cinematic universe up to the year 2028. That means we'll be getting a lot more stories diving into comic lore that fans are accustomed to. With Avengers 2 revealed to be Age of Ultron, could we possibly see a future Avengers Civil War or Skrull Invasion film? For that to happen however, Marvel will need to continue to dive into their deep library and introduce more heroes into the cinematic universe. Doctor Strange, The Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man have already been confirmed to exist in the cinematic universe. Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones also exist and will be introduced via Netflix. So who's next?

Here are 5 characters that can be instrumental to further expanding the Marvel cinematic universe for years to come:

Captain Marvel/ Carol Danvers

Captain Marvel/ Carol Danvers
Captain Marvel/ Carol Danvers Marvel

The former Ms. Marvel and current Captain Marvel has been one of Marvel NOW’s hottest characters. As a former Avengers team leader, Carol Danvers has strong relationships with many characters that are already in or will be in the cinematic universe such as Iron Man, Captain America and The Wasp. Marvel needs another strong female presence more than ever heading into the phase 3. With only Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, Avenger films won’t be able to pass the Bechdel Test.

What better character to bring in then Marvel’s equivalent to DC’s Wonder Woman. Her cosmos background is a perfect fit for the upcoming team Guardians of the Galaxy and her close friendship with Janet van Dyne aka The Wasp can also serve as an entry point in The Ant-Man. The opportunities are open for Carol Danvers, and now is the time for Marvel to bring her into the fold.

Black Panther

Black Panther
Black Panther Marvel

The King of Wakanda has been a pivotal character in The Avengers universe for decades. Wakanda itself has been an important location in the Marvel continuity for its vibranium. Having the Black Panther introduced to the cinematic universe instantly opens up the fictional Earth in Marvel and expands the possibilities for future stories. The Black Panther also brings his fiery but often silent leadership traits to a team loaded with too many alpha-males like Iron Man and Captain America.

If Marvel doesn’t want to fully integrate T’challa into the universe, why not have Black Panther be another alias for Captain America? They’ve proven that the Ultimate universe has been a major influence to the cinematic universe in the past, so this would be a nice Easter egg for fans. If Age of Ultron is a worldwide threat, it would be very simple for Black Panther and Wakanda to make a cameo or at least be named dropped similarly to what they did with Doctor Strange in The Winter Soldier.

Black Bolt

Black Bolt
Black Bolt Marvel

The ruler of the Inhumans and a member of the secret society Illuminati, Black Bolt is a King the cinematic universe desperately needs. We’re in the middle of Phase 2 and the cinematic universe has already begun gearing towards the galactic. With Guardians of the Galaxy expanding the boundaries for the audience, introducing Black Bolt and the Inhumans now would be an opportune time.

While the necessity of the Inhumans themselves in the cinematic universe maybe debated, the significance of Black Bolt himself cannot be measured. Without the rights to fellow Illuminati members Professor Xavier and Mister Fantastic, Black Bolt’s importance is elevated tremendously.

By introducing Black Bolt to accompany Doctor Strange, and Iron Man, Marvel can form a new Illuminati. A secret organization in any comic universe can pay dividends when crafting new stories. Having a secret society can cause distrust and add fuel to a potential Civil War Avenger’s film. Or better yet, revive the Hulk franchise by having the Illuminati exile him into space setting up The Incredible Hulk 2: World War Hulk.

Finally, similarly to what Marvel has done with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, introducing the Inhumans as soon as possible will give them a one up over Fox and their Fantastic Four franchise. These characters in the movie rights grey area are battlegrounds for studios. The first to reach audiences are usually the ones that stay imprinted in their minds.


Mockingbird Marvel

With rumors of a Black Widow standalone film circulating, what better situation can there be to introduce Mockingbird? Barbara Morse aka Agent 19 of SHIELD, was one of Nick Fury’s most trusted agents. As Mockingbird, she and Hawkeye formed quite a duo both romantically and as crime fighters. If Marvel were to introduce Mockingbird as a rival to Black Widow in her standalone movie, not only would they be adding another female hero (which they desperately need), but they would be setting themselves up for a wider range of flexibility for potential stories.

Why not have Mockingbird hunt Black Widow down in a Black Widow film blaming her for the demise of S.H.I.E.L.D? Adding more dynamic to the Black Widow and Hawkeye relationship can only help these two characters in the cinematic universe. Having Bobbi in the cinematic universe could also allow Marvel to introduce the Secret Invasion if they choose to tell that story. In the comics, a shape shifting alien race called the Skrulls, infiltrate Earth and abduct many heroes, replacing them with their own in an attempt to take over the planet. One of the earliest abducted was Mockingbird. While it isn’t important that she be the first Skrull, having a secondary hero as villain is easier to swallow than say a Captain America or Iron Man right off the bat.


Spider-Woman Marvel

Spider-Woman is another hero that would not have a difficult time transitioning into the cinematic universe. As the cinematic universe continues to dive deeper into comic lore and establish HYDRA as a villainous force, introducing a brainwashed HYDRA agent in Jessica Drew is logical. Marvel fans are deprived of Spider-Man due to rights issues, so a Spider-Woman may help soften the blow to more casual fans who constantly ask why Spider-Man isn’t an Avenger. With the galactic shift in phase 2 beginning, we may be introduced to S.W.O.R.D, which is basically a S.H.I.E.L.D in space. It so happens, Jessica Drew is also an agent of S.W.O.R.D in the comics. She has a variety of openings in which she may be introduced into the Marvel cinematic universe.

Continuing with the trend of introducing characters to further broaden future stories, Marvel may use Spider-Woman similarly to what Mockingbird may be used as. Spider-Woman plays a crucial role in the Secret Invasion story. In fact, she is portrayed by the Queen of the Skrulls, Veranke. We don’t necessarily even need a real Jessica Drew. In this cinematic universe, if Marvel so chooses, Jessica Drew the Spider-Woman could have been the Skrull Queen all along!

What Marvel characters would you like to see transition onto the silver screen? Let me know by commenting in the comments below or on twitter!