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5 killer wearable tech apps you need to know about

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The past several months have seen wearable technology build increased market awareness. Google Glass, Pebble's Smart Watch, and Nike's FuelBand are just a few of the devices whose popularity has quickly increased over the past months.

However, while these are exciting times for the technology, the majority of consumers have yet to see the value in these gadgets. It won't be until killer apps are developed that people will find the use and drive widespread adoption. Here's a list

LynxFit trainer
LynxFit trainer LynxFit

LynxFit trainer

Turn Google Glass into your own personal trainer with LynxFit. This fitness app offers tons of workouts to follow and uses video, audio and animation to make sure you are motivated and are using proper form. It's your perfect gym companion!

MiniGames Google


Get your game on with Google Glass with a bundle of five mini games from Google for the device. The bundle includes five games including Clay Shooter, Tennis, Balance, Memory and Shape Splitter.

SmartWeather for Smartwatch
SmartWeather for Smartwatch Sony SmartWach

SmartWeather for Smartwatch

SmartWeather is a local city weather app that displays the current weather and the 5-day forecast directly on your Sony Smartwatch. The app lets you select your city and frequency of weather updates.



Argus Mini Fitness Tracker may be a small app on your wrist but it packs a punch in keeping track of your overall health. The app actively counts your steps each day. It can also take your heart rate using the Gear’s camera.

Word Lens
Word Lens Word Lens

Word Lens

Word Lens turns your Google Glass into a real-time translation tool which is perfect for travelling. Ask Glass to translate and simply look at the words you want to understand and Word Lens will translate them right before your very eyes.



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