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5 Features You Wish Your Binoculars or Telescope Had Tonight

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If you are waiting tonight for the lunar eclipse, which is expected to be especially memorable due to its red color and its rarity, get your star-gazing gear out. Try watching the eclipse through a pair of binoculars or telescope for a better experience. Newer scopes have innovative technology that bring the moon up-close and even capture the moment on video. Here are five features to have on your binocular or telescope the next time you gaze into the stars.

Built-In Camera
Built-In Camera JForth

Built-In Camera

Take pictures and record video of the heavens with a built-in camera. Several binocular manufacturers offer a picture option including Vivitar and Meade. Bushnell sells a model that takes pictures and records video. Most of these binoculars have a LCD screen that displays a image of what is viewed through the binoculars.

IR Voice and Data Transmission Attachment
IR Voice and Data Transmission Attachment JForth

IR Voice and Data Transmission Attachment

While viewing the moon, quickly communicate with a friend using infrared voice and data transmission. The Lightspeed binocular features an infrared light emitter and receiver that establishes a link with another Lightspeed binocular when they are pointed at each other. You can easily talk to someone on the other side of a park by just looking at them through the binocular. It's a great way to coordinate efforts.  

Optimized Eye-Relief
Optimized Eye-Relief JForth

Optimized Eye-Relief

You may be able to enjoy the moon more naturally with just the naked eye, but with improved eye-relief designs, the view through a pair of binoculars is getting better. This is especially true for those that wear glasses. Newer binoculars have a better field of view, letting the observer see more of what they are looking at.

GOTO Motorized Telescope Mount with GPS
GOTO Motorized Telescope Mount with GPS Ryan Wick

GOTO Motorized Telescope Mount with GPS

Instead of searching through the sky, or carefully adjusting the position of a telescope by hand, use a motorized telescope mount to find what you are observing and keep it in the field of view permanently. Many new models utilize GPS tracking to input data such as latitude and longitude, time, and date automatically. 

Periodic Error Correction Software
Periodic Error Correction Software Ryan Wick

Periodic Error Correction Software

Periodic error correction ensures that the best possible image is captured by the telescope. It allows you to track through long exposures and image across a meridian without doing a meridian flip. The result is that the best part of the night sky is captured.


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