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5 Everyday Tasks You Didn’t Know that You Can Do Online

5 Ways The Internet Is Making Life Easier
5 Ways The Internet Is Making Life Easier
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With the way that the internet has evolved over time, it sometimes feels like it’s only a matter of time until we can do just about everything online. So many tasks that were previously long processes are now completed in minutes online. Things like banking, shopping, and any form of communication are now done at a computer.

But the stretch of the internet might just be even farther than you realized — here are some tasks that you might not have known that you could do online.

1. Find your Ring Size

Whether you need to sneakily find the ring size of a significant other, or you want to buy yourself some new jewelry online, it would be mighty convenient if you could figure it out without going anywhere. Well, on you can! You use a credit card or driver’s license to scale the tool, and then you can place any ring over the screen to see which size fits yours.

2. Go to Traffic School

As anyone who has received a ticket knows, going to driving school usually comprises of sitting in a room for hours, listening to inane instructions as to how to use your indicator correctly. Well you can actually complete this whole traffic school process online, in the comfort of your own home. And, if your state qualifies, you can get your ticket dismissed.

3. Have Food Delivered

The ultimate first world problem: you want take out for dinner, but you don’t want to have to go pick it up. Luckily there are a few online food delivery services who are dedicated to easing this struggle for you. Services like Seamless and GrubHub will do the hard work for you, allowing you to pick from a number of restaurants and order online. They also have apps to use on your phone.

4. Take College Classes — for free

Higher education is expensive, but that shouldn’t stop you from furthering your career goals. Renowned universities such as Harvard and MIT got together to offer edX, a non-profit initiative that offers a huge catalog of free online classes in areas such as medicine, physics, law, literature, and history.

5. Just About Any Task

For everything else, well there’s a website for that too. On TaskRabbit you can find anyone to complete some of your least favorite tasks for you. Whether it is moving help, a handyman, cleaning, or any kind of personal assistance, all of their workers are submitted to background checks and full “vetting.” And if you are in a weirder/more creative mood, you can also browse Fiverr to see what sorts of services people are offering for just $5.

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