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5 Best Little-Known Olivia Newton-John Songs

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Olivia Newton-John has been performing for audiences since she was a teenager in the 1960's. She has performed music in many genres, and she was considered one of the first ever country crossover artists. These five tunes are something really special, although they have not been played on the radio, and many casual fans may have missed them. How many of these Olivia Newton-John songs have you heard before?

You Loved Me Into It
You Loved Me Into It Kevin Winter/Getty Images

You Loved Me Into It

"You Loved Me Into It" is a duet that Olivia Newton-John sang with her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, in the 2001 TV film, The Wilde Girls. The two played mother and daughter in the movie. Just like Chloe was pursuing a career in music in real life, her character in the film longed to be a singer, and the touching point in the move when the two perform was her first opportunity to do that before an appreciative audience.

Olivia wrote "You Loved Me Into It," and the two performed it together during a few of Olivia's subsequent concerts. It's a beautiful song about how loving relationships of all kinds can help us grow and do the things that we couldn't do by yourselves. 

Take A Chance
Take A Chance Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Take A Chance

Olivia and John Travolta will perhaps forever be linked in the pop culture consciousness because of their iconic performances as lovers in Grease. What many don't realize is that the two did a movie after Grease, and they once again sang together. "Take A Chance" is a beautiful track from the soundtrack of Two of a Kind

"Take A Chance" is a gorgeous and powerful duet about two people in love wondering whether they can try again to make their relationship work. There was a music video shot for the song that appeared on Olivia's video special Twist of Fate. It's a very memorable song, and both of their voices are in top form for the duet.

Silent Ruin
Silent Ruin Getty Images/Getty Images

Silent Ruin

Olivia wrote a song for the stark but eye-opening documentary, The Last Whale, and it turned out to be "Silent Ruin," a beautiful song about the fate of animals. She later changed some of the lyrics and added it to her lesser-known but masterpiece album, Gaia. Olivia wrote the album while she was recovering from cancer, and Gaia is brilliantly positive and insightful.

"Silent Ruin" includes such powerful lyrics as, "I dream of a time in the future when we can re-nurture the damage we've done, for, although there's a dark side to all human nature, our true selves are born in the sun." It is referring to the terrible way that people treat animals, and her struggles to explain it to her daughter when she can't even justify it to herself. She had previously sang about animals with "The Promise (The Dolphin Song)."

Had To Be
Had To Be Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Had To Be

Cliff Richard is a superstar in England and many other parts of the world, and he has been a long-time friend of Olivia Newton-John. He performed a duet with Olivia for "Xanadu" that was a big hit in the US called "Suddenly." In the 1990's, they also recorded an album for Richard's stage musical, Songs from Heathcliff

One of the best duets by Cliff and Olivia is "Had To Be." They are performing in character as Heathcliff and Catherine, and the music video features Olivia dressed in black and looking absolutely stunning. It's a must-hear song for fans of both Cliff Richard and Olivia Newton-John.

Winter Angel
Winter Angel Sean Garnsworthy/Getty Images

Winter Angel

"Winter Angel" is an incredible song that tells the story of a woman who is giving up her baby for adoption. The song is sung directly to the baby, and it its lyrics are descriptive and breathtaking. Olivia co-wrote it with accomplished musician and singer Amy Sky, who would later collaborate with her on other projects like Grace and Gratitude

"Winter Angel" was released as a B side to "The Rumour," and it can be heard in the video special Olivia made called Olivia: Down Under. In the special, the song plays as footage is shown of Olivia and her daughter, Chloe, on the beach. It is such an incredible song that it deserved to make the cut to the actual album and even be released as a single. 


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