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4 Rules of The Leadership Trek

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All leadership is like cross country hiking (in the northeast cross country skiing!)

You will find some easy spots to glide through and some snags that will make you wonder why you didn't just stay home today.

Here are 4 important ideas to keep in mind as you make your way from here to there:

1. Stay focused on “the dream”
1. Stay focused on “the dream” Sylvia Lafair PhD.

1. Stay focused on “the dream”

Once you start keep the vision of the goal in mind with a visual picture of what success will look like regardless of what happens in the darker moments of the trip.

2. Love repetition
2. Love repetition Sylvia Lafair PhD.

2. Love repetition

Repetition is core for the journey; repetition, walking strong and going over and over what needs to be done is NOT obsessive, it is good to practice and practice. Repetition is not a chore, it is just good practice.

3.Transform your patterns
3.Transform your patterns Sylvia Lafair PhD.

3.Transform your patterns

Take the free Pattern Aware Quiz ( and get to know the patterns that keep you from moving faster and smarter. You can change them. If you are an avoider become an initiator, if you are a victim, become an explorer, learn about your patterns and don’t worry about breaking them, just add the transformed ones to your life.

4. Stay GUTSY
4. Stay GUTSY Sylvia Lafair PhD.

4. Stay GUTSY

Do not let shiny objects detract you from your dream. Along with repetition comes discipline. Use your breathing and the “STOPmethod to stay on track.

When you find your mind wandering to bigger and better ideas, while still on the way to what is in front of you. STOP, stand still, and take big gulps of air. Breathe in and breathe out for seven breaths. Give yourself a PEP (Pattern Encounter Process) talk and then start going again.