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3 tools to help get the most out of your trip to the Essence Festival

3 tools to help you Navigate
3 tools to help you Navigate

One visit to the Essence Music Festival is not nearly enough to scratch the surface of all the events, sights and locations available to EMF (Essence Music Festival) guests.

There are events going on all day, all night and all over the city!

You might be surprised to learn that many EMF guest return often. Last year, interviewed individuals who were on their 10th, 12th and even 15th year as guest and explained that they had “did something different or added more to their trip[s]” each year.

It is the ultimate men’s trip and the ultimate ladies’ trip and for some, it was the ultimate couple’s trip. If you ask ten people for their views on the Essence Festivals, you’ll get ten different answers but one things for sure…there is a lot to do!

Fashion and beauty trends dominant this column but each year, around this time, articles specific to the Essence Festival find its way into this column.

In that spirit, list three tools that will help Essence Music Festival guests successfully navigate through the EMF official and unofficial events surrounding the festival.

Essence Festival App
Essence Festival App Google

Essence Festival App

The first tool is the official 2014 Essence Festival App. This app is helpful by listing ALL official Essence Festival events including what time artists hit the main stage or superlounges each night and what seminars, workshops and other free events are available each day. The App even lets you create your own schedule AND email your schedule to your friends. This can be used as an itinerary to ensure you don’t miss events, artist and seminars that are important to you. It’s free and available for any iPhone or Android Smartphone through the iTunes store or through Google Play.

Unofficial website dedicated to EMF
Unofficial website dedicated to EMF Google

Unofficial website dedicated to EMF

The second tool is a website titled It has proven to be a money saver for EMF guest that like to party! This site list the vast majority of parties that will be offered during the Essence Festival weekend. What guest have come to love about this site is that it does not just display the Official EMF parties but other parties hosted by celebrities too! Most of the events are not that far from where the majority of guest stay in the French Quarters but gives them a bit more variety in party atmospheres. This type of site saves EMF guests time and money by providing links to the advance purchase tickets as soon as they are available (sometimes as early as February) which usually save party-goers $40 or $50 and sometimes offers express entry. The site also provides links to hotel and flight information and the official Essence Festival website link. They do make it clear that they are not affiliated with the Essence Festival which is probably why they are able to advertise for the majority of the parties available during that festival weekend. EMF Social states on their website’s homepage that, “The purpose of this website is to illustrate the entire Essence fest social landscape” but it is certainly worth checking out!

FaceBook  groups
FaceBook groups Google

FaceBook groups

The final tool is probably one of the most important ones! Social media! There are many social media FaceBook groups that include regular festival goers with tons of information and experience on the EMF scene including restaurant suggestions, ticket prices, transportation services, party information, hotel and travel information and more! These are people just like you, who are spending their hard earned money and are looking to have a great, safe and fun time at the Festival. One FaceBook group in particular is called the “Essence Music Festival/ New Orleans.” This group is full of veteran (and rookie) EMF guests with well over 10,000 members. It is a site filled with positive energy, awesome tips and great information pertaining to the Essence Festival. They do not overwhelm you with advertising or confusing antics and the people in the group seem to be excited and appreciative of the outlet.