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3 new DVD workouts that focus on your abs

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Abs, tummy, core – whatever you call it, everyone’s in search of a tighter midsection.

And with summer just a couple of months away, there’s still plenty of time to firm up your abs.

Here are a few new DVD workouts.

Flip Flop Abs
Flip Flop Abs Productions

Flip Flop Abs

Flip Flop Abs, with Fitz Koehler ( Productions, $19.99): Fitz Koehler, who has a master’s degree in exercise and sports sciences, leads this DVD, which features three 12-15 minute workouts. The Stinger (15 minutes), The Whip (14 minutes) and The Sidewinder (12 minutes).

Why “Flip Flop”? There’s a lot of flipping from downward-facing moves, such as planks, to upward-facing moves, such as tabletop shins. You also flip from left to right side on moves like side planks. All this flip-flopping provides an added cardio element to traditional ab exercises.

It’s a tough set of workouts, but Fitz lets you know that struggling is fine – all that means is that there’s plenty of room to grow in the DVD.

Six Pack Shortcuts Total Body Workout
Six Pack Shortcuts Total Body Workout Lionsgate

Six Pack Shortcuts Total Body Workout

Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts Total Body Workout (Lionsgate, $14.98): Mike Chang is a YouTube fitness trainer with a huge following. His Six Pack Shortcuts YouTube channel has had more than 220 million views.

This DVD has multiple mix-and-match workouts, which you can program on your DVD player, so there’s more to it than just ab exercises. Modifications are provided by one of the background exercisers:

  • Warm-Up: Active stretches and exercises.
  • Cardio: Old-school, tough moves, such as burpees, soccer kicks and high knees.
  • Lower Body: You’ll work your legs and glutes with moves such as squats and Mike’s snow angels while you also strengthen your core.
  • Upper Body: Arms, shoulders and chest are shaped with push-ups and back-sculpting moves.
  • Core: Lots of planks and jack knives.
  • Cooldown: A short series of stretches.
Weight Watchers Ultimate Belly Series
Weight Watchers Ultimate Belly Series Anchor Bay

Weight Watchers Ultimate Belly Series

Weight Watchers Ultimate Belly Series, with Jennifer Cohen (Anchor Bay, $14.98): Jennifer Cohen, who has done many workout DVDs for Weight Watchers, is back with a core-centered workout. There are three separate workouts, progressing from a 10-Minute Ab Toner to a 20-Minute Ab Express to a 30-Minute Standing Ab Toner (which is our favorite).

Each workout has three levels – one background exerciser demonstrates the beginner moves, another does the more advanced workout, and Cohen is right in the middle with the intermediate level. Cohen also explains that you can throw in some of the harder levels and bump it back a notch if needed as you advance through the workouts.

All you need is a mat and a set of light dumbbells for the two harder levels. The moves are simple but effective.