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3 entrancing songs for meditation

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In the midst of a busy lifestyle it can be difficult to find time for quiet meditation. Even if we have the time, it can sound so daunting to attempt to quiet our minds for a few minutes. We have schedules to keep, alarms to set and bills to pay.

Some research studies from as early as the 1950s agree that the practice of meditation eases the mind and the body. Despite a plethora of research, some people are convinced that they simply cannot incorporate such a unique practice into their daily regimen. One of the greatest things about meditation is that it's not about perfection. An individual can enjoy a meditation session in anyway that makes them comfortable and allows them to clear their mind.

If you're on the go and have a few minutes to clear your mind, there are fairly new songs that can help ease you into the practice. It's important that listeners attempt to get the best sound quality when it comes to meditating with music. A solid pair of headphones can easily take a meditation session to the next level. Remember to focus on breathing through the music and enjoy the moments of relaxation.

Twice - Little Dragon
Twice - Little Dragon Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

Twice - Little Dragon

This light and entrancing tone almost acts as a lullaby as you allow your mind to clear.  Little Dragon is a dynamic group from Sweden that offers a plethora of soulful music.  Lead singer Yukimi Nagano has an entrancing voice that is perfect for meditation.  Listen here: Twice - Little Dragon

Hannah Hunt - Vampire Weekend
Hannah Hunt - Vampire Weekend Photo by Neilson Barnard

Hannah Hunt - Vampire Weekend

Although most music critics describe Vampire Weekend as an American rock band, they find a good medium on this track.  It's soft and light enough to help you clear your mind but it also expands over time, allowing you to shift into a more upbeat mood.   Listen here: Hannah Hunt - Vampire Weekend

Blue Ocean Floor - Justin Timberlake
Blue Ocean Floor - Justin Timberlake Photo by Neilson Barnard

Blue Ocean Floor - Justin Timberlake

This gem from Justin Timberlake is perfectly titled.  The song evokes a diving feeling, where the listener becomes surrounded by the cool ocean sounds.  It's just calm enough to help you relax.  Listen here: Blue Ocean Floor - Justin Timberlake