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3 Brazilian bands to kickstart your 2014's Quest for Good Music

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This year holds great music for avid listeners, especially those willing to take a step outside their comfort zone and brave uncharted territory. Brazil is steaming hot with new bands and it is constantly either spawning new musical eggs or reviving some sound fossils who once knew great success, therefore making it a tad difficult to narrow it down and select only a few to listen to. This list is but a first pump to begin what appears to be a fruitful year in our favorite art form and help music lovers open a door , nay, a gate of possibilites.

Apanhador Só
Apanhador Só off

Apanhador Só

Apanhador Só is a band relatively new to media eyes but they have been on the road for almost 10 years now and have surely put some miles on their tires. Their second album, Antes Que Tu Conte Outra, was achieved through crowd funding and released last year. They blend a very particular kind of rock and experimentalism to commonly known Brazilian influences and often appeal to the use of peculiar "instruments" such as birdcages and cheese graters. These southerners delivered an award winning record that is bound to ripple in 2014.

El Efecto
El Efecto off

El Efecto

Onto its 14th year as a band, El Efecto began gaining notoriety in 2012 after their song "O Encontro De Lampião Com Eike Batista" and the album that followed, Pedras & Sonhos, the third effort of their career. Deeply bonded with political and social themes, they are a rather prolific and plural group. 

Huaska promotion


These boys' music will get you wondering oh so many things. Who's to tell if it's the end game, but Huaska will catch your ears with fire-shot certainty. The group bolds around some unlikely, sacred grounds such as Heavy Metal (bit Nū Metal-ish), Samba, Bossa Nova and, believe ir or not, get away with it. Also an experienced band, Huaska is just now being presented to the recognition they deserve. Should it be for quality per se or the high chances of inflicting nothing short of awe on whoever listens to it, give it whirl.