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2013 art articles include a Civil War figure, sports statues, posters and Greek

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In 2013, Chicago had more than 13, art exhibits. More than 13 artists exhibited their art. Some artists earned more than $13.00.

Abraham Lincoln had less than 13 fingers, so statues that display him in Grant Park and Lincoln Park do not show him as a freak. Chicago lacks any statues of multi-fingered aliens. No monsters emerged from Lake Michigan to freeze and become art exhibits.

Baseball fans should be delighted to see statues of famous baseball players for both the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox. To my knowledge, no sculptures exist of slow ball pitches and spitball pitches. None of the pitchers on these teams pitched the spiral ball.

In kiosks, there were movie posters. On buses’ exteriors, there were more movie posters. On billboards, there were product advertisements.

Mu did not combine with pi to become myi. Pi did not combine with rho to become pho. Tau did not combine with pi to become taupi.

You may have learned that Monday is Moonday. Tuesday can have the Twosday designation. If you fry fish on Friday, the fish may taste better.

§ 4 Lincolns

§ 5 Days

§ Glassy Golf

§ Goodman Porter Blues-Inky

§ Greek Letter Themes

§ Metallic Vegetation-Crosshatched

§ Olmec Head-Embossed

§ Racing Horse-Oiled

§ Reign-Inky

§ Wolverine-Plasticized

In 2013, only September and December had Friday the 13th. Thirteen centaurs did not paint 13, oil paintings. More than 13 Canada Geese appeared in Chicago’s parks; none of these were artists.

4 Lincolns
4 Lincolns © 2013 Vernon Brookins

4 Lincolns

These are not statues of Lincoln automobiles; they are statues of Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was an important figure in America's Civil War. Lincoln's statues are in Chicago's Grant Park and Lincoln Park. It is unlikely that Abraham Lincoln ever drove a Lincoln automobile.

5 Days
5 Days © 2013 Vernon Brookins

5 Days

My day, 2013 articles only consist of five days: Sunday, Moonday, Twosday, Fryday and Saturnday. Just because it is Moonday in Chicago does not mean that you can travel to the Moon. Quarter moons in Chicago does not mean that quarters will fall from the sky. 

Glassy Golf
Glassy Golf © 2013 Vernon Brookins

Glassy Golf

To my knowledge, no golf balls are glassy orbs. In Chicago, some golf posters were behind glass. Some paintings that depict golf scenes may be behind glass.

Goodman Pullman Porter Blues-Inky
Goodman Pullman Porter Blues-Inky © 2013 Vernon Brookins

Goodman Pullman Porter Blues-Inky

Although this poster has a digital format, the actual poster consists of different, colored ink. This digital photo has an inky filter. It is unlikely that the poster's artist used quill ink pens.

Greek Letter Themes
Greek Letter Themes © 2013 Vernon Brookins

Greek Letter Themes

This pi-pie is probably more interesting than the mutated mu, the tottering tau or the rotated rho. The mu, rho and tau letters resemble English letters: u, p and t. The pi-pie is somewhat abstract. 

Metallic Vegetation-Crosshatched
Metallic Vegetation-Crosshatched © 2013 Vernon Brookins

Metallic Vegetation-Crosshatched

These metallic representations of vegetation are in Chicago's Grant Park. ()Metallic plants cannot crow on Earth.) These photos have crosshatching filters. 

Olmec Head-Embossed
Olmec Head-Embossed © 2013 Vernon Brookins

Olmec Head-Embossed

The 3-D image of this Olmec head is outside the Field Museum. If this head represents an actual Olmec who lived, it is unlikely that anyone embossed his physical head. (Olmec heads may represent Olmec royalty.)

Racing Horse-Oiled
Racing Horse-Oiled © 2013 Vernon Brookins

Racing Horse-Oiled

If this horse's owner and jockey oiled this horse to make it go faster, they made a mistake. Oiled horses will just slip and slide. This photo has an oily filter applied to it. (The scene is Sportsman Park.)

Reign-Inky © 2013 Vernon Brookins


Reign is a currently appearing, television series on the CW. This poster appeared in Chicago, bus kiosks. This is Commercialism Style art. Is that Queen Cleopatra or Queen Sheba?

Wolverine-Plasiticized © 2013 Vernon Brookins


If Wolverine was an actual person (mutant), and you tried to plasticize him, you would likely get sliced. One of Marvel's X-Men, Wolverine has a "cutting" personality.


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