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10 things you'll love about CMI's new Playscape exhibit

The Music Studio offers instruments for families to play together.
Photo by Carrie Steinweg

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis opens a newly designed area this Saturday specifically for kids age 5 and under. While it maintains exhibits that carry-out the core beliefs of the museum, it does so in a fresh, new way with added features that kids are parents will love. Here are a few things you can look forward to in the updated exhibit.

1) The color scheme eliminates harsh primary colors in favor of neutral, earthy tones.

2) There are several spots where kids can test principles of cause and effect, like the Whirly Twirly Tower where wind guides objects through a big walk-in tube or in the Reaction Contraption, where kids can connect tubes to alter which way a ball will roll.

3) The music studio has piped in classical music that kids can play along with on instruments they may not have ever seen, like a glockenspiel or HAPI Drum.

4) Babyscape, a section solely for infants and toddlers with a "Nest" area for the littlest visitors who are not yet mobile to explore through sight and touch in a soft, safe area.

5) The addition of two walls of floor to ceiling windows brightens up the area and lets kids view some of their natural surroundings.

6) In the art studio they can view examples of work by such artists as Georgia O'Keefe and Georges Seurat and try their hand at putting together their own nature-inspired artwork.

7) The water play table is actually a miniature creek with a waterfall that includes pint-sized smocks and hand dryers.

8) Family bathrooms inside the exhibit include adult and child sized toilets.

9) The Mother's Room has a spa-like set-up with three individual rooms with gliders and flat screen televisions for moms to nurse or pump in a private, relaxing area.

10) The free Playscape App (available in the iTunes Store and Android Market) allows you to carryout some of the principles covered in the exhibit in the form of age-appropriate games.

Play photo by Carrie Steinweg


Play - The newly designed Playscape exhibit of the Children's Museum of Indianapolis offers plenty of opportunities for playful family interaction.

Explore photo by Carrie Steinweg


Explore - In the Playscape exhibit, families can learn through exploring. Learn to play new instruments. Learn about famous artists and show your creative side in creating your own artwork. Play in the flowing water. Explore the Climber through physical play.

Relax photo by Carrie Steinweg


Relax - parents can utilize the Mother's Room to warm a bottle, nurse or rock a child who is ready for naptime in one of three private rooms with gliders, toys to occupy siblings and flat screen televisions.

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