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10 must hear U.S. independent artist for the summer

Daniel Bambaata Marley
Daniel Bambaata Marley
Daniel Bambaata Marley

The temperature is rising quickly outside and it’s that time of year where artists are touring, traveling and working hard to showcase their work. Although there are thousands of artists worth listening to out there, was able to sift through the chaos and bring you some of the summer’s top talents to consider for your listening pleasure. One thing all of our selections have in common is the ability to stand out beyond the masses, no matter what genre they represent.

1. Daniel Bambaata Marley – Treat you right
2. Sydney B – Lost our way
3. Malina Moye – A little rough
4. Kevin Chase – Whole lotta honey
5. Cardye- City lights
6. Alina Artts – Bounce
7. PT Starks – King
8. Kasha – I want you
9. Ray Goren – Save my soul
10. Freddy Cash - Guapo

Take a listen to these hot U.S. Indie contenders and leave us a comment letting us know which ones you will or won't be adding to your next playlist. If you are an independent artist who would like to submit your music to be examined by SF Music Examiner GiGi Capone, please read "How to package your music for consideration with the media and bloggers on popular websites" then submit here

Daniel Bambaata Marley
Daniel Bambaata Marley Daniel Bambaata Marley

Daniel Bambaata Marley

Coming in at number one on our list "Treat you right", by Daniel Bambaata Marley, eldest son of legendary artist Ziggy Marley. Daniel is sure to be legendary with his high quality music and live up to the well respected Marley name.

Malina Moye
Malina Moye Malina Moye

Malina Moye

Our # 3 pick to be on the look out for this summer is Malina Moye, with her new song " A little rough". The creativity of this song is HOT and something for everyone's playlist.

Kevin Chase
Kevin Chase Kevin Chase

Kevin Chase

Kevin Chase is turning heads with "A whole lotta honey" this summer, definitely a fun song to listen too. After hearing this tune for the first time, it leaves one eager to hear more.