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10 Las Vegas crowdfunding projects you have got to check out – part 2

Modern Age of Crowdfunding
Soft9000 Page by Randall Nagy

An article entitled “10 Las Vegas crowdfunding projects you have got to check out – part 1” was published yesterday on It focused on the first five in a list of 10 Las Vegas small businesses and entrepreneurs attempting to raise capital for their business ventures through crowdfunding projects.

Today’s article is the final portion of this 2-part series featuring 10 local entrepreneurs and small businesses in Las Vegas, Nev. with crowdfunding dreams. All of these crowdfunders have clearly stated their funding visions. They’ve also made it very clear exactly what they plan to do with any successfully raised capital.

10 Local Las Vegas Crowdfunding Projects Going On Now

Investing in crowdfunding projects gives you the chance to take part in helping dreams turn into reality. Sponsors choose projects based on passion and interests. Yesterday’s article covered crowdfunding projects by a prison visitor transportation company, energy enhancement system, search and rescue organization, parenting and pregnancy care center and unique skincare line. And, all of these small businesses are located in Las Vegas, Nev.

Each of the local businesses in this list is offering various incentives for each project contribution. If one of these projects piques your interest, feel free to click on the link to get more information about it. These 10 local Las Vegas crowdfunders are eager to receive contributions in order to complete their projects:

Click here to see the first 5 Las Vegas crowdfunding projects in this series.

1) The Modern

The Modern is a local’s dreams for a contemporary art museum “by Las Vegans.” It’s located in the Art District, downtown Las Vegas. It will showcase art, design and technology. The Modern will also serve as a training center for next-generation inventors, designers and artists hoping to launch new Las Vegas businesses.

These crowdfunders are trying to raise capital in order to hire a project manager for The Modern. They are in need of someone to lead their day-to-day project operations from answering questions to managing fundraising events. Incentives for contributions to this project include tax deductions, as they are a verified non-profit organization.

2) Fripito

Fripito is an upcoming virtual photography and travel guides app for Andriod and iOS. After its launch, it will provide travel and photo tips, plus tricks to organizing photo trips via a mobile-device. The app will help users locate interesting travel destinations, take the perfect photos, create unique shots, capture the atmosphere, and much more.

They are attempting to raise capital through crowdfunding projects to have the guides translated into various languages. The project managers are also hoping to raise enough funds to promote the project in order to gain enough users to create an enjoyable user-experience. Incentives include online mentions, free high-resolution images, signed photos, app credits, portfolio reviews, educational videos, live online seminars, online consultations and photo workshops.

3) is sales video games, comic books, paintball equipment, computers, clothing and other entertainment goods online. They specialized in providing products that are fun and hard to find. This Las Vegas small business originally began selling goods in a California shopping mall five years ago. The purpose of their attempts to raise funds through a crowdfunding campaign is to launch their new website.

The capital they raise will give them the ability to showcase and sell their distribution inventory of more than 300,000. Any funds raised through this project will also be used to add unique social networking touches, flash games and other new features to the site. Incentives include stickers, gift certificates, shot glasses, t-shirts, free shipping for life and a free, all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas for you and a guest, to meet the founders.

4) The Life Cube

The Life Cube is another downtown Las Vegas business project. These “Cube-ists” are on a mission to connect art with the local Las Vegas community. This will be the project’s “first urban installation.” They are currently building now in downtown’s East Freemont District. It will feature musical performances, photo gallery, tapestry wall, huge mosaic, giant murals and lighting displays, all by local Las Vegas artists.

Their installation needs to be transported to the location and put together. Crowdfunding earnings will go towards this, as well as permits, security, fire safety, free art supplies and materials, hosting for traveling musicians, nighttime lighting, Burn ceremony, transporting local children to The Cube, transporting Cubes to various local schools, marketing services and promotional materials. Contributor incentives include having your “dreams and goals” placed inside The Cube and set ablaze during the Burn ceremony, Cube necklaces, water bottles and photo books.

5) Counterbalance

Counterbalance is a local Las Vegas-based company launching two new herbal products: Alcooholic Moment and Wake Up. Both herbal shots are sugar-free, as well as naturally colored, flavored and sweetened. Alcooholic Moment supports the liver and helps to prevent or get rid of a hangover the morning after a night of drinking. Wake Up is an energy blast that also supports the adrenal glands.

These Las Vegas crowdfunders are hoping to raise capital for trade show costs and product development and testing of Happy Hi and Digest It. Incentives for contributions to this Las Vegas small business crowdfunding project include product samples, shot glasses, boxed-sets and social media mentions.

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Click here to see the first 5 Las Vegas crowdfunding projects in this series.

Are you a local Las Vegas small business or entrepreneur who’s successfully raised capital for your venture? Have you ever used crowdfunding to raise money for business or personal purposes? If so, please share your fundraising experiences below.

Modern Age of Crowdfunding
Modern Age of Crowdfunding Soft9000 Page by Randall Nagy

Modern Age of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding project contributors can help various causes and business ventures using credit cards, and oftentimes, PayPal. These projects can be launched online at any time.

The Crowdfundig Circle of Life
The Crowdfundig Circle of Life flickr Page by Rocío Lara

The Crowdfundig Circle of Life

In order to launch a crowdfunding project, you must first start with a great idea. Once you have gotten the word out about your project, hopefully, the funds will start rolling in for your venture.

Elveos Crowdfunding Process
Elveos Crowdfunding Process Wikimedia

Elveos Crowdfunding Process

First, the project manager describes the project. Next, the sponsors make their contributions ot the project. Lastly, the project is implemented and launched.

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