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10 Las Vegas crowdfunding projects you have got to check out – part 1

Crowdfunding helps business raise capital for projects.
Crowdfunding helps business raise capital for projects.
flickr Page by Simon Cunningham is a website dedicated to helping people raise capital through crowdfunding projects. This article focuses on 10 Las Vegas small business owners and entrepreneurs with active projects on Indiegogo, as of today.

These 10 local Las Vegas small businesses and entrepreneurs are in need of capital for various projects. Most seem to have a pretty clear vision of why they need funding, and what they wish to accomplish if their crowdfunding projects are successful. These proud crowdfunding project managers are into all sorts of industries, including health, art, beauty, travel, online entertainment, even prison transportation services.

10 Crowdfunding Projects by Local Las Vegas Businesses

The following is a list of 10 Las Vegas small business and entrepreneur crowd-funding projects currently going on right now on Indiegogo. Today's post covers first five within this list. This list of Las Vegas crowdfunders includes direct links to the actual projects on Indiegogo.

If you see a project you may be interested in helping to fund, feel free to click the link to read more about the company and their crowdfunding project. If a particular project seems to be valuable, feel free to donate now. Every donation comes with customized incentives from these various local Las Vegas entrepreneurs and small businesses:

1) Prison Rideshare Network

Prison Rideshare Network is dedicated to helping prison loved ones find rides to visit people in prisons. They used to be an actual prison transportation provider out of Lynwood, Calif. They relocated to Las Vegas, Nev. in 2012. The local Las Vegas business is now trying to raise capital in order to revamp their website. Incentives include free backlinks, article publishing and content marketing services.

The plan is to turn the site into a forum/network where people can find public transportation, charter buses, rideshare programs and carpool partners to prisons around the U.S. According to Prison Rideshare Network, they’re dedicated to helping the incarcerated get what they need most: visits from their loved ones who need to find rides to prisons.

2) Aloha Energy

Aloha Energy is promoting Energy Enhancement System, which combines science, mind, body and spirit to help their customers achieve peak performance. They are trying to raise funds through crowdfunding to open up a Rejuvenation Center right here in Las Vegas. Their goal is to help locals reach enhanced states of consciousness, health and self-actualization.

Incentives include free sessions, energy jewelry and complete packages which include their Energy Enhancement System. According to the owners, the system has been used by various therapists, doctors, individuals and Meditation and Wellness Centers. It has been very effective with improving psychological well-being.

3) Red Rock Search and Rescue

Red Rock Search and Rescue is a Las Vegas non-profit organization dedicated to “the lost.” This team of volunteers helps southern Nevada agencies and families when people go missing. They actively search for confused elderly people, injured hikers, as well as lost and missing children. Last year, they won an AmbuBus Bus Stretcher Conversion Kit in a contest.

The conversion kit was designed to act as a temporary shelter during emergency search missions. However, in order for them to be able to utilize it at a moment’s notice, they need a bus to transport it from one emergency location to the next. They are using Indiegogo crowdfunding to raise money to purchase a bus for this purpose. Incentives include online mentions, free facility tours, t-shirts, autographed photos and engraved plates to be placed on the bus itself.

4) Pinkpeas Pregnancy and Parenting Care Center

Pinkpeas Pregnancy and Parenting Care Center is a Las Vegas community-based non-profit group. They’re dedicated to helping local pregnant women receive free or low cost prenatal care. They also provide other services, such as well-baby checkups, homeschooling resources, play dates, cesarean support systems, childbirth education, postpartum support groups and more.

The non-profit is attempting to raise capital through crowdfunding in order to continue their building lease for another year. If they’re not able to raise enough, the funding will go towards renting smaller, less stable spaces from other local Las Vegas business owners. Incentives include discounted and free prenatal care services.

5) Gavee Gold

Gavee Gold is a skincare line. According to the owner, a stage-4 cancer survivor, it’s the very first of its kind in the entire world. The Las Vegas skincare company boasts that their products are infused purified, vintage and exclusive liquid gold. The goal is to provide the consumers with toxin-free cosmetics and skin care products.

The company’s mission is “Green Awareness for the vitality of eternal Earth.” Gavee Gold is hoping to earn money through this crowdfunding project in order to reach a broader market, both online and in the local Las Vegas area. In other words, they need to sell more products in order to keep investors happy. Incentives include free elixirs, flat-rate shipping and skin care kits.

5 More Las Vegas Crowdfunding Projects You Have Got to Check Out

Ready for the conclusion of this two-part series? Part two will include five more local Las Vegas businesses trying to raise capital through crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Read 10 Las Vegas crowdfunding projects you have got to check out now.

Are you a local Las Vegas small business or entrepreneur who has successfully raised capital for your venture? Have you ever used crowdfunding to raise money for either business or personal purposes? If so, please share your fundraising experiences below.

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