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10 Crazy Easter Eggs in film

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Easter Eggs are those little nods and jokes that the people behind the creation of movies sneak into the end product to get a little laugh out of the fans, and allude to some of their past or favorite works. Needless to say, once you realize what they are through this great thing called the internet, they cannot be unseen.

Prepare to have 10 of your favorites (or not so much, I don't know your tastes) kind of ruined as you search the screen frantically in your favorite scenes to confirm or disprove the proposed Easter Eggs that appear in our top 10 list.

Quentin Tarantino's Foot Fetish
Quentin Tarantino's Foot Fetish The Weinstein Company

Quentin Tarantino's Foot Fetish

The Easter Egg behind Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds is his foot fetish. Yes, that's correct, Tarantino has a well known fetish with feet. If you look into his films, there's always a shot below the knee, and in this case, Bridget von Hammersmark, played by Diane Kruger, was specifically scripted to have her leg shot in the bar fight scene so that they could make this memorable little allusion relevant in the story.

Inception: The spinning top ending
Inception: The spinning top ending Warner Bros. Pictures

Inception: The spinning top ending

Everyone remembers the disgruntled frustration they had at the ending of Inception. Was this the dream? Was he really back? What happens?! It doesn't make any sense. 

Clever movie goers cracked this nod wide open a while ago, but it's still a favorite. The top isn't actually Cobb's totem it was Mal's, his wedding ring was. In the last scene of the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio is clearly not wearing this ring, and therefore the ending is reality. Or is it?!
...we're pretty sure it is.

Cryptic Warning before Fight Club
Cryptic Warning before Fight Club 20th Century Fox

Cryptic Warning before Fight Club

So this is one that's kind of interesting. You know those messages we pay no attention to whatsoever at the beginning of the movie? Well, at the beginning of Fight Club you probably should. This cryptic warning sign appears just before the start of the film, and sort of speaks for itself and the entire message behind the plot.

Two kids in The Prisoner Of Azkaban credits
Two kids in The Prisoner Of Azkaban credits Warner Bros. Pictures

Two kids in The Prisoner Of Azkaban credits

Interesting little one we found digging through the bowels of the internet. In the lower left hand corner, there is a set of footprints on The Marauder's Map of two kids clearly having sex. Okay, they could be doing something else. Hugging goodbye, for example, or something. The spreading of the feet by one is sort of what gives us that impression.

Rose and Jack could have both fit on the door
Rose and Jack could have both fit on the door Tumblr

Rose and Jack could have both fit on the door

If anyone knows the couple who did this, we would be excited to give credit where it's absolutely due, but for now, we have no idea who made it.

Anyway, the two people in the photo clearly show that it's possible to fit on the door, but Myth Busters on top of that proved that with a little ingenuity and Rose's life preserver vest (which at this point was useless to her anyway) both Jack and her could have fit on the big door and lived to tell about it.

While Titanic had its moments of real endearment and captivation, there's no denying it anymore. They both could have lived. "I'll never let go, Jack." (And then she immediately let go.)

George Harrison in Life Of Brian
George Harrison in Life Of Brian Handmade Films

George Harrison in Life Of Brian

Here's one that proves I'm an old man at heart. Life Of Brian the 1979 British comedy by Monty Python had a surprise cameo from The Beatles' George Harrison. He appears as a bearded man in this scene as depicted above.

If you haven't seen it, I'd recommend to take it with a grain of salt. It's a British comedy made in the late '70s, so take that for what it's worth and run with it.

(P.S. Holy Grail was way better)

Opening title for Cloverfield
Opening title for Cloverfield Bad Robot Productions

Opening title for Cloverfield

Cloverfield was one of my favorite movies the first time I'd seen it. The second time around, not so much. The wow factor really diminishes after that first screening, and once you know what's going to happen the suspense is just...gone. It's one of those films you can only really appreciate once.

Anyway, the The DHARMA Initiative logo from the TV show LOST appears at the very beginning of this flick. A special nod to a television series that deserved a way better ending, less than it is grounds for a theory linking the two. Please don't try.

Anakin resembles Vader
Anakin resembles Vader Lucasfilm

Anakin resembles Vader

In Attack Of The Clones (the film we liked a little better than the first and a little less than the last), in the scene where the camera pans away from Padme and Anakin, their shadows are projected on the wall. Now, while this is a loose interpretation, and honestly, this could just be us seeing things that aren't really there because we want to or because we were told they are there, Anakin slightly resembles Darth Vader, which, for fans of Star Wars who saw the original films from the '70s and '80s, was a nice allusion to his eventual scripted fate.

The hammer wouldn't have fallen
The hammer wouldn't have fallen Warner Bros. Pictures

The hammer wouldn't have fallen

"Do I really look like a guy with a plan?" Actually, yes, given everything we've seen you through, you are most definitely a manipulative guy with a plan. If only Harvey were in a stable enough mental state to come to that conclusion. He was so brilliant!

The brilliant Joker never gave Harvey a choice at all, which is a nice scripting of "the illusion of free choice" making The Dark Knight undeniably the best film in the trilogy. Upon looking at his hand placement, Heath Ledger's Joker would've kept the hammer from falling even if Harvey pulled the trigger.

If Harvey's coin had landed on tails, and it probably did, he would've shot, then enter the big speech about chaos and the illusion of choice, Joker throws him the gun, and walks out unscathed. Isn't that crazy? Why do we know he probably did shoot? Harvey had to be "broken" to go on his little spree of revenge. Coin lands on tails, for the first time he lets himself willingly commit murder, but plot twist, the Joker ends up living, and Harvey is now taught to be capable of murdering someone if he first gives them a fair chance.

Other cool facts: Heath Ledger designed the make up himself from white face paint and drugstore cosmetics, and Michael Caine was too startled by Ledger's appearance to say his lines during their first appearance together at the fund raiser. If there was a re-shoot, Christopher Nolan likely decided to keep the silent startled reaction.

Jack Nicholson is terrifying
Jack Nicholson is terrifying Warner Bros.

Jack Nicholson is terrifying

Jack Nicholson is a terrifying person. That much we can conclude from the various deranged roles he's taken to playing. In The Departed as Frank Costello, he pulled a gun on DiCaprio during this scene to get a genuine reaction from him, as he thought his portrayal wasn't intimidating enough. This startled both the director and Leo. That being just a formality though, because I still jump a little whenever I see him crack open Bill Costigan's cast and shout at him for selling drugs.


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