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  • Review: The Crew: Wild Run – Monster Trucks, Bikes, and Drifting…oh my!
    Review: The Crew: Wild Run – Adrenaline Avenue
    The Crew was an alright racer, with issues that stemmed from having a lot of cool rides, but never gaining that feeling of a large player-owned stable that games like Forza, Gran Turismo, and Need for Speed attain. Wild Run brings new race modes,...
  • Review: Star Wars Battlefront - Familiar Conflict
    Review: Star Wars Battlefront - Familiar Conflict
    Star Wars Battlefront is at times a Schrodinger's cat of games, neither a Battlefront nor Battlefield, while simultaneously being somewhat both. With incredible visuals, music, and the help of some painstaking attention to detail the game...
  • Black Ops 3 review
    Activision and Treyarch bring customizations to 'Black Ops III'
    The last Call of Duty game saw a futuristic take on its gameplay with Advanced Warfare. The latest version, Black Ops III, is offering an even more futuristic-vibe. Developer Treyarch is looking to offer a deeper experience for Call of Duty...

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